The New and Improved Weight Watchers (Road Tested)

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MyWW is WeightWatchers reimagined and it makes weight loss so easy.

The new and improved Weight Watchers app is scientifically backed to deliver easy to follow weight loss plans. BB Writer Montana put it to the test for a month.

Weight Watchers has been around for more than 55 years. They have recently introduced their newest digital program. The new, modern version works in today’s technologically advancing world, and is a great way to understand more about the nutritional value of different foods.

My main takeaway: MyWW is fantastic at making you more aware of what you are eating, and providing huge support  a number of ways. Besides having a focus on food, the app also includes workouts, recipes, a barcode scanner to use at the supermarket and even mindfulness and meditations.

The way the program works is to allocate a number of points to every food, whilst also allocating you a number of points per day.

The idea is to stick to the points, giving you complete control of what you are eating whilst simultaneously becoming more mindful about each food you choose to eat.

The myWW point system – as seen on the app

I found that this process was useful, as it meant that I didn’t have to restrict the lifestyle I live all for a diet. For example, I was still able to attend birthdays and not stress over how many points I was intaking, as long as I counterbalanced it in the morning.

Simply by becoming more conscious of what and how much you are putting into your body can transform the way you feel about and eat food.

Its non restrictive style means that you can eat what you want, when you want and how you want. Its all about balance, and myWW allows for that.

My experience with myWW really indicated how flexible the plan was. I work in a restaurant, which means often when I have a break I don’t get to choose what I eat,  my meal is usually a lucky dip made by the chef.

I didn’t have to feel guilty, or like I was cheating on myWW when eating this, as I was easily able to make up the point difference when I made the rest of my daily meals.

Additionally, following the recipes provided were super helpful, as the point allocations are already provided for each recipe, so you don’t have to log each food individually.  

So this is the WW plan in more details:

How does the WW Diet work?

Upon downloading the app and signing up to MyWW, you will be greeted with a food and behavioural personal assessment which aims to understand your current lifestyle.

After completion, the responses will be matched to a plan that best suits you: Green, Blue or Purple. (Which is completely flexible, and you can switch if you like).

I was on the purple plan, which meant that I could have a total of 16 points per day.

The Purple Plan – the app equips you with everything you need to succeed.

Personally, I don’t get hungry in the mornings, so I prefer to eat a big dinner instead.

This meant that for breakfast and lunch, I used hardly any points. Fruits and vegetables are in the 0 point category so I started my day off with those. This also meant that if I ended up going out for dinner I wouldn’t be overly worried, as I still had most of my points remaining.

These plans are designed to balance SmartPoints and ZeroPoints foods.

Smart Points: Each food is given a point based on its energy, sugar, fat and protein content, therefore when you eat a particular food, you track its points that contribute to your daily total.

Zero Food Points: These are the foods able to be enjoyed freely without tracking. This includes healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. 

App features:

  1. Trackers

As the app is designed to follow a plan, there is a tracking feature which allows for documentation of all food eaten. This ensures that you stay inside the parameters of the allowed food points daily.

  • Fitness

This feature was my favourite. MyWW teamed up with Aaptiv, an app that provides all kinds of workouts. Being able to choose the workout you wanted to complete that day was a refreshing way to change up the routine.

MyWW x Aaptiv for the most diverse workouts
  • Barcode scanner

Probably the most convenient aspect of the app. The barcode scanner allows you to scan the barcode of a food that you wish to track, and presents the amount of points it equates to! It makes it so easy and quick to track the points for the food being eaten.

  • Recipes

If you are stuck with what to eat, need inspiration or aren’t sure what you can eat with the points allocated to your plan then the recipes provided are sure to help. With over 5000 recipes ready at hand, my favourite were the ‘healthy’ version of sweet treats recpies.

  • Community

Interactive and supportive, the MyWW community is a place to post transformation photos, engage in daily updates and encourage one another. You can link up with other users on the same plan and provide/receive support.

  • Mindset

For a complete mental and physical transformation, MyWW works with headspace which allows for free access to meditations and mindfulness to complete along the weight loss journey.

myWW x Headspace, because mental health is just as important as physical!


Whilst the Bondi Beauty Team was kindly gifted a free trial of MyWW, it starts at an extremely well priced $7.74 per week.

Additionally, workshops and the app comes to $16.51 or personal coaching and the app comes to $22.29 per week.

Montana Crabb

Montana is a Law and Communication student with a passion for writing. She is a Bondi local so you can usually find her at a Bondi cafe, doing the coastal walk or you guessed it, at the beach.

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