10 Healthy, Balanced Ways To Lose Weight In A Week

How to lose weight within a week

Lose weight in a week by making some subtle changes to your food intake.

Losing Weight doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

Here are 10 simple ways to change your food intake to start shedding the kilos – and even starting with just 2 changes this week will help your body start to lose weight and head in the right direction.

lose weight with 10 simple steps.
Some simple changes can help you lose weight in a week.
  1. Fasting -the quickest way to feel lighter and fresher and lose weight in days. Stop eating after dinner, skip breakfast and eat a late lunch -or whatever combination works for you.  Within a few days of doing this your stomach shrinks and ultimately you get into a new routine.
  2. Food Diary: A food diary is the first step in addressing and assessing what you are actually eating and heading towards conscious, mindful eating. This can easily be done using your phone, by taking photos of every single thing you eat for a week or even a few days. You will soon see patterns. Look for patterns associated with emotion as well as habits. EG You always reach for a snack mid-morning at work to ease your frustration with your boss. We often do not eat because we are hungry but because of emotional issues, habits or associations. And patterns can come in the form of rituals eg I always have a bucket of popcorn and a choc-top at the movies. Once you recognise these patterns and habits you can start to change them.
  3. Ditch the hidden carbs -so much food we eat is loaded with sugar and carbs and we don’t even realise. Think Asian sauces, tomato sauce, bread, pasta and so on. Start reading labels, and eat as clean as you can ( eg without sauces)
  4. Delete high sugar foods -this is the obvious, like ice cream, chocolate, and cakes. Save them for one treat a week and watch the calories fall away. 
  5. Reduce the booze -alcohol contains sugar as do the mixers if you’re having mixed drinks. Cutting your consumption to 2 days a week or just reducing your oerall consumption initially will instantly reduce your calorie load. 
  6. Walk it out -walking a minimum of a 10,000 steps a day is a basic for overall body health and weight reduction. Don’t forget all smart phones count steps, so there are no excuses! 
  7. Boost your water intake -water flushes the body, and aids digestion. Get it into you any way you can, and as much as you can.
  8. Up the vegetables. Put simply, green and colourful vegetables are low calorie appetite suppressants. Having a vegan day each week or even a vegan week every now and again gives the body – and your wallet – a break.
  9. Eat out less – the challenge with eating out is we do not know what is actually in the food or how it is cooked. Most restaurants add loads of sugar to the food. Why? It makes it taste better and keeps people coming back. If you make it yourself, you know exactly what you are putting into your body.
  10. Make Green Juices Daily – Green Juices made with green vegetables (no apple) are incredibly good for the body, very filling and a quick, easy, inexpensive snack.

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