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Hustle Boxing – This Is Going To Be Big.

This is the kind of fitness I could get used to. The boxing is hard work, but at Hustle it comes with all the trimmings you usually only dream of. Hustle Boxing is a modern day boxing fitness class at it most organised, technologically advanced, and best. It is fast, fun and gets results. It […]

5 Reasons You May Be Over-Eating

Over-Eating can have a lot less to do with food, and a lot more to do with distractions: 1. Your diet is too restrictive Diets which exclude food groups in unrealistic ways can set yourself up for over-eating later. Cutting calories and skipping meals can spur binge eating and lead to unhealthy habits. American nutritionist, […]

Weights Training Will Change Your Life – Here’s Why:

Starting a weights training regime will not only change you physically, but it will help you become a stronger version of yourself. First things first: The Physical. Weights will change your physical shape from both skinny to toned and from fat to toned. How? Because “toned” literally means, having lean muscle coupled with a low percentage […]

Non-Drinkers Rejoice: World’s First Non-Alcoholic Spirit Is Coming to Oz

Yes, you read that right. The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit will reach Australia just in time for summer. Gather around responsible drinkers, designated drivers and twenty-something grandmas and brace yourselves for this epic game-changer. Ben Branson, a UK-based botany enthusiast and solver of first-world problems, has created the solution to the dilemma of what […]

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