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5 Reasons You May Be Over-Eating

Over-Eating can have a lot less to do with food, and a lot more to do with distractions: 1. Your diet is too restrictive Diets which exclude food groups in unrealistic ways can set yourself up for over-eating later. Cutting calories and skipping meals can spur binge eating and lead to unhealthy habits. American nutritionist, […]

Weights Training Will Change Your Life – Here’s Why:

Starting a weights training regime will not only change you physically, but it will help you become a stronger version of yourself. First things first: The Physical. Weights will change your physical shape from both skinny to toned and from fat to toned. How? Because “toned” literally means, having lean muscle coupled with a low percentage […]

Non-Drinkers Rejoice: World’s First Non-Alcoholic Spirit Is Coming to Oz

Yes, you read that right. The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit will reach Australia just in time for summer. Gather around responsible drinkers, designated drivers and twenty-something grandmas and brace yourselves for this epic game-changer. Ben Branson, a UK-based botany enthusiast and solver of first-world problems, has created the solution to the dilemma of what […]

Kettlebells, ropes, suspension training – worth the hype?

Are kettlebells, ropes and TRX suspension really going to help you achieve your strength and fitness goals any faster than a run and a set of dumbbells? We give you the real rundown. Kettlebells Kettlebell training definitely offers strength and power results, if not always equal to traditional weight lifting. What they do offer is a […]

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