Looking for The Perfect Gym? Try Here- And No, It’s Not a Name You’ll Know.

Finding the perfect gym is hard, trust me I know. So, if you’re still stuck finding the right workout space- Sweaty Soul might just be your next best friend.

With summer almost here, many of us are looking for the perfect workout space to keep up our fitness or achieve that dream bod.

Often big franchises can feel impersonal, too big, don’t cater to your fitness levels or you feel like you are training next to the next wanna-be Schwarzenegger.

Don’t worry, this comes from someone who has gym hopped from Groupon deal to deal for a year.

I mean, unlike the unrealistic world of social media and Instagram, some of us don’t even know where to start with weights.

Opening earlier this year, Sweaty Soul is a boutique, class-based fitness studio opposite Rushcutters Bay Park in Edgecliff.

Unlike most gyms that have limited classes, or are packed with people, Sweaty Soul offers boxing, cardio, strength and HIIT training. As well as personal training, Pilates and spin classes.

The best thing? It allows for no more than 14 people a class. So no, you can’t get away with slacking off in effort and no, I wouldn’t recommend trying.

Let me tell you from experience, every class will leave you exhausted (#dying) and pushed to your max efforts. Both you and your soul will be sweating.

Owner and assistant coach of AFL’s GWS Giants team, Nick Walsh found the lack of studios in Sydney that combined various training types his biggest motivation in creating Sweaty Soul.

“Before Sweaty Soul I was using various facilities around the place, like a spin studio, then I’d go to a boxing gym and then I’d go to another gym to do some functional training and I just thought it would be really cool just to put this all in one spot. I wanted to keep it small, I didn’t want a big commercialized thing like the big F45’s and other corporations out there” Walsh says.

Small classes allow for more personalized workouts. Photo: Scott Hendo

What makes it different?

If you’re like me you might’ve found that with summer fast approaching there are gyms calling for your attention left, right and center. So from someone who spent a year searching for the perfect gym, Sweaty Soul had so much that made it stick.

Not only are the classes run by extremely experienced, trained professionals, but classes only allow for up to 14 people at a time. Therefore, each workout is personalized allowing instructors to pay attention to your individual fitness needs and adapt exercises to your own level.

Likewise, no two trainers are the same, each taking on their own unique style of training.

“All our instructors are different, you won’t come into the studio and have the same routine, it’s always going to be different and done in different formats. We all run our classes completely differently” says Walsh.

Photo: Scott Hendo

Starting at Sweaty Soul I was far from fit and that’s what grabbed my attention. It feels inclusive and welcoming as it caters for clients of all shapes, sizes, and strengths walking through the doors. So no, you won’t feel like an ant among W.W.E-type clients.

The Instructors?

“My number one criteria were finding good people. Without good people, you can’t build a good structure. These coaches are all really passionate people and determined with helping each client. They don’t just leave at the end of each session, they want to get to know the clients and sometimes jump in on classes run by other instructors”  Walsh says.

Trainers Rox Vitalone and Janis Blums joining in on a HIIT class. Photo: Scott Hendo

Why is boxing so important for women?

If you do decide to give SS a try, just give boxing a go- trust me you’ll be hooked.

As Wash explains, “Boxing can be the go-to workout for some women. Not only is boxing great to sweat and burn fat, it helps you tone and gets rid of aggression which we all have,” says Wash.

“Girls can come in here, workout hard for 45 minutes and walk away from it not only feeling good but having strengthened the body and toned it at the same time”.

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Jasmin Singh-brar


Jasmin is a final year Journalism student at UTS. As well as a lover of all things coffee, health, fitness and beauty, Jasmin is addicted to seeking out the best lookout spots in Sydney and finding the next best story.

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