5 Home Delivery Meal Services To Combat The Iso Binge (3 are vegan)

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Isolation and the inability to go out to eat has amped up the demand for food delivery services, and far from a quick feed, some of the healthiest, most nutritious meals can now be delivered to your door.

From plant-based nutrition to energy-boosting meal plans, the quality and variety of food is inspiring and makes it easy to stay healthy (and sane).

It’s no wonder the online food delivery market in Australia has been growing at a rapid rate at a 7.1% increase per annum, with total revenue for 2020 estimated to be around $2.9 billion AUD.

These 5 home-delivery services are rapidly growing in popularity: Soulara, Thr1ve, Garden of Vegan, YouFoodz and Dineamic.


Food Type: 100% Plant-Based

Price Range: $8.95-$11.50 / meal

Soulara is a home delivery meal service with a twist – it is entirely plant-based.

Boasting chef-crafted and nutritionist-approved meals, every dish is made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from local Australian farms.

Oasis Blooms Aloo Gobi with aniseed myrtle, turmeric and cinnamon myrtle
Each Soulara meal holds a combination of superfoods, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Each meal is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, harnessing the full potential of plants by using unrefined wholefood ingredients and a combination of superfoods, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Soulara’s meals are “packed with superfoods, healthy ingredients and plant power”.

Three dishes on white plates
Soulara’s dishes are made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from local Australian farms.

A plant-based diet also reduces bloating, increases energy, enhances calmness and mental clarity, gives skin a healthy glow, boosts immunity and helps with better sleep.

There are a variety of plans depending on the frequency of meals per week. Subscribing to its most popular plan means you can get 12 meals per week for $9.50 a meal.

Soulara dishes flatlay
Soulara’s meals are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Soulara’s menu is updated every week, and packages your orders in a refrigerated, 100% recyclable box to keep both you and the environment healthy.


Food Type: Low-Carb, Energy-Boosting

Price Range: $7.95-$14.95 / meal

Thr1ve understands the importance of nutrition and fitness in achieving health goals.

As such, the focus on creating a healthy lifestyle for their customers by providing natural, healthy and energising options to combat the binge.

Each meal is chef-designed and science-backed by nutritionists and dishes are streamlined into different categories for easy selection: Lunch & Dinner, Salads & Soups, Breakfast, Treats and Supplements & Extras. 

Beef with roasted carrot & capsicum salsa
Each meal includes a comprehensive nutrition profile with data on protein, fat, carbs and calories.

Each meal includes a comprehensive nutrition profile to allow for easy intake monitoring no matter your weight or fitness goals, with data on protein, fat, carbs and calories.

Thr1ve also caters to those who prefer a more structured approach by curating specialised meal plans according to specific health goals: Lose Weight (a standard plan from $75.70/week), Improve Wellbeing (from $77.70/week) or Boost Protein ($80.70/week).

Lunch meal on black plate with Thr1ve meal packages
Each of Thr1ve’s dishes are chef-designed and science-backed by nutritionists.

These plans are also customisable in terms of the frequency meals as well as the inclusion of extras such as snacks.

What’s more, Thr1ve teamed up with Queensland University of Technology to create an 8-week weight loss program that combines both meal plans and a structured training program: THR1VE Protocol.

Woman in exercise gear and ponytail exercising with ropes
THR1VE Protocol is an 8-week weight loss program that combines meal plans and fitness.

The program pairs low-carb meal plans with strength and HIIT training to blast fat fast.

Garden of Vegan

Food Type: Vegan

Price Range: $15.75-$18.75 / meal

For vegans looking for a convenient meal-plan solution, Garden of Vegan prioritises natural health and unprocessed foods to create delicious dishes that arrive at your doorstep.

Afrikaan peanut stew on white plate
Garden of Vegan creates delicious dishes that are 100% organic and home-cooked.

Garden of Vegan curates plant-based meals that are 100% organic, oil-free and gluten-free, with all meals hand-made and home-cooked.

The company provides customers with a selection of ‘Boxes’ that can be customised according to meal amounts from 5-21 meals, as well as meal selections: The Meal Box (from $93.75), and the Meal & Fruit Box (from $172.75).

Garden of Vegan Mealbox and Fruitbox plans
Garden of Vegan provides a selection of ‘Boxes’ that can be customised according to meal amounts.

A one-size Fruit Box ($79.00) and Veggie Box ($79.00) are also available for online order.

All meals are packaged in microwavable containers that are 100% recyclable and 100% BPA free.

Non-toxic ice packs will keep food fresh without sacrificing environmental health.


Food Type: Everyday and Weight Loss

Price Range: $7.95-$9.95 / meal

Leading Australian home-cooked delivery company YouFoodz caters to a wide range of dietary needs and health goals.

Instead of pre-packaged meal options, customers can individually select each dish independently for maximum customisation.

Three lunch dishes with cutlery on white background.
YouFoodz caters to a wide range of dietary needs, health goals and individual tastes.

With dishes ranging from Australian, to Asian to American cuisines, there’s a meal for every taste.

All food is pre-cooked so meals just need heating up.

Meals are also conveniently categorised for ease of selection: choose from Fruit & Veg Boxes (from $44.95), Ready Made Meals (from $7.95), Breakfast (from $4.95), Snacks (from $2.99) and Drinks (from $4.95).

Lentil Salad in bowl with sauce, tomato and vegetables.
YouFoodz meals are conveniently categorised for ease of selection and are pre-cooked.

Meal options are further customisable via dietary requirements and calorie intake, as well as selecting either the Everyday or Weight Loss option.


Food Type: Seasonal

Price Range: $10.00-$16.00 / meal

Dineamic boasts a wide range of meals that are suitable for many different diets, whether you follow a pescatarian, plant-based or even flexitarian diet.

Customers have various selections to suit their individual needs, including options such as Meals for 1 (from $10.00), Mains for 2 (from $15), Meal Plans, Soups ($7.00) and Snacks & Juices (from $3.50).

Dineamic sweet potato and coconut curry with moroccan beef meatballs.
Dineamic has a wide range of meals suitable for different diets.

Dineamic’s Meal Plans feature packages to suit a range of lifestyles and health goals, including the Starter Bundle (best for those just starting out), Everyday Health (perfect for fussy eaters), Lean & Clean (for those wishing to lose some weight) and Sport Nutrition (for individuals needing high performance meals and snacks). 

Each meal plan has customisation options for the number of people, frequency per week and additional products such as morning snacks, afternoon snacks or soup.

Low FODMAP butter chicken.
Dineamic’s meal plans suit a range of lifestyles and health goals.

For a wide range of delicious meals, Dineamic is a versatile and simple solution.

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