Climbing Trees isn’t just for kids

Sydney’s Tree Tops Adventure Park can throw you right out of your comfort zone as you confront your fears.

Safety harnesses ensure participants are safe as they soar through the trees at Tree Tops.

Just outside Sydney, Tree Tops Western Sydney has 4 adult courses including 90 challenges to push even the most confident climber to the limit.

Over 30,000 people have visited the multi-award winning Tree Tops since it opened in 2012, and completed the 2-3 hour courses.

The tree filled park just outside Sydney has 19 flying foxes, and a series of climbing nets, as participants climb their way through the maze of challenges and move from tree to tree stopping at beautifully constructed platforms in-between to rest before moving on.

Participants climb into carefully designed belay safety apparatus with clic-its that clip to a wire network around the length of the entire park to ensure they can’t fall.

Tree Top Adventure Park

Most people find the course challenging but enjoyable, and want to return for more.  A degree of fitness and balance is needed, but anyone with some courage and confidence can enjoy the park.

There are two additional locations in NSW too – The Central Coast, where a new Tree Tops crazy rider extreme, a tree based roller coaster is on offer and a third location in Newcastle.

Bookings are essential – and they are open every day of the year except Christmas Day.

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