Deborah Davis


Deborah's perfect night in consists of watching reruns of Friends while getting a mani or pedi done. When she's not writing or researching the latest in beauty and health, you can find her at her piano or sipping a cup of cappuccino.

DIY Hand Sanitiser Using Essential Oils (And Other Ways To Make Natural Products)

With the right essential oils, you can DIY an affordable hand sanitiser. Aromatherapy is a well-known, affordable way to improve wellness, but there are many other ways to harness the power of essential oils. Hand sanitiser, moisturiser, linen spray, stain removal and surface cleaners can all be made using the right oils. Here is a […]

Elevate Your Beauty Routine During Lockdown: Tips From A Celebrity Makeup Artist

Celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown discusses lockdown beauty routines and Zoom makeup hacks. With more time being spent at home, people are gradually shifting from their regular beauty routines. The lockdown has provided everyone with the opportunity to update and refresh their beauty habits. No stranger to the beauty industry, Michael Brown‘s expertise as a […]

5 Home Delivery Meal Services To Combat The Iso Binge (3 are vegan)

Isolation and the inability to go out to eat has amped up the demand for food delivery services, and far from a quick feed, some of the healthiest, most nutritious meals can now be delivered to your door. From plant-based nutrition to energy-boosting meal plans, the quality and variety of food is inspiring and makes […]

5 Beauty Gurus Who Are Killing It On YouTube

There’s no better time to brush up on your makeup skills. These 5 makeup gurus will guide you every step of the way while you’re in quarantine. Finally there is time to perfect your makeup look. No matter what your skill level is right now, there is guaranteed to be a beauty guru who will […]