How to Keep Calm and Feel Better During COVID-19



We chat with international makeup artist Melanie Burnicle on how she is staying clam during the global pandemic.

From makeup tips to relaxation techniques, there are loads ideas to help you pass the time in self-isolation and manage your stress and anxiety level during this global crisis of COVID-19.

Following the movement of #weareinthistogether many experts and specialist in the field of makeup, health and wellbeing have come together to share their insightful tips on ways we can all stay calm, relax and stay fabulous whilst in self-isolation.

Here are Melanie’s tips for keeping calm and feeling better:

  • Give yourself a DIY eyebrow and lash treatment and lift at home with 1000 Hour – so good and super easy to use.
  • Dry hands due to sanitiser? In this strange climate, where we are constantly sanitising in chemicals which rid our hands of any bacteria and infections, use a good natural moisturiser such as the hand moisturiser by the Jojoba Company.
a women relaxing in a bath whilst in self-isolation
Allow the body to decompress. Outside of managing my beauty to feel better during this crazy time, I have also been focusing on my stress levels.

Stress can take a toll on our skin. Here a couple of things I’ve been doing to help with the fear, anxiety and stress of everything that is happening globally right now:

  • Trying burning some sandalwood incense around the house, which helps to fight bacteria, calm the tension in the air and make the house smell great too.
  • Spraying Hanako therapies around the house and on me. I’m using the I AM range to keep me grounded.
  • Enjoy a nice hot bath if you’re able. This is a great stress relief and works wonders if you are stuck behind the computer working from home all day. My favourite are Dr Teals Epsom salts as they are calming and soothing.
  • For music whilst I am in the bath, or mediating at home, on the play list is Ludovico Einaudi – 7 days walking is the album although all of his are good, it’s very calming and uplifting for the soul.
  • I have also been using the Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask – Stress makes my skin dry so this is something great to do while I’m sleeping, and my skin feels amazing in the morning.
  • Dharma ocean 10-point meditation practice – helping to keep me grounded amongst the stress so I can have clarity over my thoughts around coping with the changes. 
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