Sustainability is Coming to a Gym Near You Soon

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Sustainability in a gym near you soon? You bet.

Sustainability is becoming one of the most important aspects of life, and a leading Sydney fitness centre is leading the way.

With increasing awareness around sustainability, it comes as no surprise that leading fitness brands are changing the way they impact the world by creating green workout spaces.

Flow Athletic, a health and fitness studio in Sydney where celebrities including Sammy Robinson and Erin Holland are regularly seen working out, are one of the first in Australia to take on a sustainability campaign.

Starting with the ban of single-use plastics (i.e. water bottles) they aim to reduce their footprint on the environment. Owner Ben Lucas says, “We want to help keep the planet as healthy and happy as the clients we inspire change in everyday”.

“When we first opened the studio and I saw a wall of plastic water bottles I thought that made me a great operator because I was giving great customer service. Fast forward 6 years when I worked out that we were going through 40,000 single use bottles annually and the effect it was having on the environment, I knew we had to change.”

It is easy to forget how important it is to make environmentally conscious decisions in every aspect of life; from diet, to transport. It is so easy to forget, that most people would not think about how their gym routine could be affecting the planet.

That’s where Ben and his team come in. As a hub for some of Sydney’s very own celebrities such as Sammy Robinson, beauty blogger and YouTube personality, and Erin Holland, former Miss World Australia, TV Host and model, they believe they have the power to help change the role of workout spaces in creating a sustainable future.

Flow Athletic are using their time in the spotlight to advocate sustainable living to help change the world for the better. So, what are they doing long-term for the better?

Every year Flow Athletic uses 44 000 single-use plastic bottles: the new aim is 0.

To do so, the studio is no longer supplying single use water bottles to clients. Instead they have installed 3 filtered, chilled water fountains, are selling reusable aluminium bottles.

Every year they use 30 000 litres of water: the new aim is 10 000.

To help achieve this goal, shower heads in the studio bathrooms have been changed to more sustainable pressures and water usage needs. Studio showers have also been time limited to stop clients using excess water.

Every year they use 2 tonnes of paper: the new aim is ¼ tonne.

The Flow Athletic office has gone entirely paper free, opting for technology and applications to help run the day to day.

Every year they use 10 megawatts of power: the new aim is 6 megawatts.

To lower power usage, all of the lights in the studio have been changed to energy saving LEDs and power usage is being monitored to prevent unnecessary usage.

Flow Athletic has built a solid community and place to visit for not only locals, but internationals and celebrities who have heard of their great reputation. This sustainability campaign is inspiring clients to live greener in all aspects of their life.

Alarming studies have shown that more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfill every day to which a single item can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Therefore, it is extremely important to commit to eco-conscious practices.

This can include purchasing a good quality reusable drink bottle to reduce the number of plastic bottles being purchased, this will save you money in the long run. Some other great ways are to avoid purchasing plastic covered food, always keeping a coffee keep-cup handy and don’t use plastic straws.

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