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Follow these 6 easy steps to fast track your weight loss

Keeping the kilos off in winter takes some extra focus, says Sydney PT Rachel Livingstone from The Health Hub. Here’s what she says on how to kick start your weight loss to find a better you. Kick start your metabolism A morning workout ups your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours. This means you […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

A stimulated metabolism helps you lose weight. Here are 5 ways exercise boosts your metabolism: Many factors affect your metabolic rate and you don’t have control over them all. Age, sex and hereditary factors are pretty much a done deal. But all is not lost. How regularly you exercise and what proportion of your body is […]

Should You Still Drink Coffee If You Want To Lose Weight?

Is it time to make the ultimate sacrifice and cut the caffeine? It may be what you’re drinking rather than eating that’s making you put on weight.Enjoy your favourite drinks in moderation or they could hinder your body shape and training goals. Juice: Juice can be full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, not all […]

Is Your PT The One? Here are 7 Signs You Know You’ve Found The One

Your personal trainer can make or break your fitness success. Here’s how to choose the right trainer for you; Use our checklist to ensure you get the right personal trainer for you and the best experience for your investment. Location Make it easy on yourself and avoid travel time. Focus your search on suburbs nearest […]

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