KIC Girls Steph and Laura’s Secrets to A Kick-Ass Booty

How to get that booty better – inner secrets from KIC Girls Steph and Laura.

It seems like only yesterday that we were high school girls hoping and praying that our hips and butts wouldn’t get too big – what were we thinking?!

We’re not ones to ever encourage young women to strive toward a body type that is not their own or have superficial expectations – you can’t fight genetics, and why would you want to when we’re all uniquely beautiful?

However the latest trends certainly lean toward embracing your figure and accepting your curves, lumps, bumps and booties – and that sounds like something we can get behind (thanks Kardashians).

A strong, firm butt is definitely “in” right now, and while we’re not all born with natural curves you can always tone, firm, lift and strengthen.

To help the girls on our ‘Keep it Cleaner’ fitness program ( reach these goals we smash out HIIT and strength sessions every week that feature our best glute exercises.

We also do a bit of boxing (it’s a killer calorie burner), some interval running and two quick challenges a month – the booty busters are a real hit, not to mention they get awesome results!

Want to add our best booty secrets into your workouts? Here are our fave 6 exercises to help you bend, swing, push and jump your way to kick-ass ass:

Pulse squats

Add a weight for extra burrrn!

1) Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.

2) Chest up, bend from the hips as if sitting, and be careful not to extend your knees over your toes. Hold your arms either gently out in front of your body or holding a weight at your chest.

3) Once in the lowest point of your squat, rise back up only halfway then sink back down and repeat in a pulsing motion.


Kettlebell swings

This one’s gonna work your body all over to get you lean, strong and bootylicious – hips, glutes, hamstrings, lats, abs, shoulders AND pecs.

1) Start by holding the kettlebell with two hands, palms facing you.

2) Legs shoulder width apart, bend from your hips and allow the kettlebell to swing between your legs (knees bent and back straight).

3) Forcefully drive your hips forward using your glutes and hammies to propel the kettlebell back up, no higher than your shoulders.

4) Control the kettlebell with your arms, but don’t pull it up. Don’t forget, engage your core and finish with a neutral pelvis. Don’t lean back!


Squat jumps

Okay they’re not fun we’ll admit that, but boy do squat jumps get results.

1) Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.

2) Do a regular squat – chest up, bend from the hips as if sitting, and be careful not to extend your knees over your toes. Hold your arms either gently out in front of your body or beside your body.

3) Engaging your core, perform an explosive jump. As you jump, swing your arms up to reach above your head.

4) Land in a controlled manner keeping your body straight until you hit the ground, then bend smoothly through the knees and lower your body back into your squat position in one fluid motion.


Single leg hip raises

You’ll really feel this one in your hammies and glutes.

 1) Lying on your back, arms by your side, bend your right knee and extend your left leg off the ground so that is is parallel to your right thigh (your legs should be hip width apart)

2) Activating your right glutes and keeping your right foot flat on the ground, press your hips upward. Your left leg should remain extended.

3) Lower your butt to the ground slowly and repeat. Then over to your left side!



These may look awkward, but they’re one of our faves for a good reason.

1) Starting with your legs shoulder width apart. In one controlled motion, jump sideways to your right, landing smoothly on your right leg and bringing your left leg behind you – keep it off the ground!

2) Spring off your right leg to repeat on the other side

3) Your arms can swing back and forth, opposite arm forward to leg as though you are ice skating.

Pistol squat

These don’t just give you a firm toosh! Pistol squats work wonders for your balance, coordination and flexibility.

1) Standing on one leg, lower your butt into a squat with your arms and opposite leg extended out in front of you.

2) Bend from your hips and keep your chest up and your weight in your heels. Return to upright position and repeat.

3) Too tricky? Hold onto something stable (like a wall) for support

Keep It Cleaner is an online health, lifestyle and wellness program aimed to motivate girls to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For more information head over to

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