It’s a wet suit winter

Winter is on its way, and there’s only one way to get back in the ocean.

SurfStitch Wintermission
SurfStitch Wintermission

With the cooler weather creeping in, and the water temps dropping even further, most of us would be packing up our beach towels until Spring rolls around. But for surfers, a season of undisturbed and significantly less crowded beaches lies ahead. To tackle a Wintermission though, they are going to need a seriously good wetsuit.

Bondi Beauty spoke to Buyer Bart Smith from to find out the latest trends in winter wetsuits:

Explain the idea of Wintermission? What does the term mean?

Winter in Australia is the best time for surfing. Most summer punters avoid surfing during the colder months and, with ground swells, constant offshore winds and sunny days, the core surfer is all about chasing winter waves. They need specific equipment to chase these waves, including wetsuits, booties and hoods. Each year we send our advocates, photographers and filmmakers on a trip in search of perfect winter waves and called it our Wintermission.

Why do you think winter surfing is so popular in Australia?

Better waves and less crowds. With the enhancements in wetsuits over the past ten years there are no restrictions due to the colder temperatures. There are so many options on the market that will keep you warm and comfortable for all climates.

How has sales of women’s wetsuits – particularly steamers changed over the years?

The sales for women’s wetsuits have blown up over the last few years with more and more options being available for the female customer with different designs, cuts, colours and material to cater for every style.

What are the most popular sellers for women?

So far this winter the most popular selling women’s wetsuits have been Billabong, RipCurl and Roxy. These three brands have been leaders in the industry for a long time and continue to bring out strong ranges each season improving on materials and keeping up with new style trends.

Any new brands or designers to watch out for?

One brand that is starting to make a big impact on SurfStitch’s female customers is Patagonia. Though not a new brand, its popularity with our customers has grown massively with the release of their Eco friendly Yulex range. This collection is neoprene free and removes 99% of impurities to deliver a non-sensitising natural material. With an all-black clean look this has been a must-have this winter.

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