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Bras Without Wires
Bras Without Wires

We all know the relief that comes with removing a bra after a long day. What if I told you, you could wear a bra that is going to offer all of the support of a underwire bra, yet sit against the skin so comfortably you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

As a 10 DD myself I will admit I was sceptical. I spoke to Bras Without Wires CEO Stephanie Devine to find out more about the bras, before trialling one out myself.

What made you realise Bras Without Wires needed to be on the shelves?

Whilst going through treatment for breast cancer nearly 10 years ago, I was unable to find a beautiful, cotton lined, wirefree bra in a proper cup size. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and there is nothing for them on the market. Our Omnipoll survey last year told us that 74% of women would choose to wear a wirefree bra if it offered the same support. Women also wanted wirefree bras for their teenage daughters, and for after elective breast surgery, or open heart surgery.

Why is the underwire not a necessity?

I think women of our generation have been brought up to think that bras have wires, and have never bothered to question this concept. However, when you’ve had no choice but to go wirefree for a while, you realise the support actually comes from the band and straps, and that wires are for separation. So at Bras Without Wires we worked out the best way to get separation by the cut of the pattern, whilst still providing great support.

What are the benefits of going wire-free two days a week, besides comfort?

The wires sit on key acupuncture pressure points around our lymphatic drainage system, which psychologically is hard to fathom. Anything that alleviates this physical pressure has to feel good. Many of my customers never go back to wires, they come back and buy the whole range because of the comfort, and also the beauty of the product.

What is the largest cup size available in these bras?

Our bras start at 8A-C for the teenagers, and then 10-14A-DD, and 16A-D. We have been asked about larger sizes, and when we get some growth we will work towards this as there is a genuine demand for wirefree bras in the larger cup sizes.

The Review:

When it came to trialling the Bra without Wires I can say I was pleasantly surprised. The wider band under the cups provides the support we usually expect from a wire and offers a completely different shape and style.

I often feel most comfortable and supported in a sports bra (when I’m working out I always feel it necessary to wear two) and this bra offered the same support, with the soft satin cups even more pleasant against the skin.

The only negative about the Bra Without Wires is that without the wire it does not offer the same plump round shape. Like a sports bra it seemed to squash the boobs against the chest, making me look rather flat chested and would not work under all types of clothing.

Overall, if you are looking for a wire free alternative I recommend giving Bras Without Wires a go.

Lucy Bortolazzo

Lucy is a journalism graduate who feels most at home when wandering the streets of foreign cities. She has a passion for design, travel and everything food, and uses the excuse “I’m curious” to explain just about everything.

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