Freshen your hairstyle: The big looks for locks.

Bondi Beauty spoke exclusively to Nathan Gorman for the hottest hair trends & which face shapes, hair types and ages they suit.

Nathan Gorman, head master of hair care brand Kevin Murphy and Creative Director at Head Over Heels salon in Sydney talks about the hottest hair looks this year.

Katie Holmes rocks the jaw length rocking horse bob.


This sleek and sophisticated style is classic and appropriate for most ages and hair types. To give this look an edge, jaw length is the way to go, says Nathan. You can tie the sides back when working out.

Best on: Oval to rectangular faces, particularly those with a good neck and décolletage. Ideal for young-middle aged women. 

Be cautious: Those with very round faces.

Inspiration: Katie Holmes.

Miranda Kerr has led the highlighted brunette trend using various tones to give her hair a lift.


Switch things up with a sweep of colour throughout your hair. This style can be either subtle or bold, depending on which colour you choose. The options are endless.

Best on:  Coloured, mid-length hair so a decent amount of colour can sweep through it.

Be cautious: Those with shorter hair or those who don’t want to visit the salon regularly for colour maintenance.

Inspiration: Miranda Kerr.

Up-Do’s like this cute style on Selena Gomez are a great way to make an impression quickly.



Up-do’s that hide the length of your hair are great way to have a drastic, but temporary change, for a big night out or special occasion, and the easiest style when going out after a workout as there’s not too much maintenance – just a spray of dry shampoo is enough.

Best on: Women who have a defined jaw and mid to long length hair. Also ideal when wearing clothes with a higher neckline so the outfit can be shown off.

Be cautious: Those with very round shaped face.

Inspiration: Selena Gomez.

A Kate Moss flashback. – Curls.


70’s CURLS

For curls, flash back to the big and wild ones rocked by celebrity icons such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Moss. If your hair naturally has some curl, pull i track into a tight bun when working out, and once the sweat has fired, add some salt spray to give the curls a real kick.

Best on: Mid to long length hair.

Be cautious: If hair is very short, curls will make hair appear even shorter and lose feminine movement.

Inspiration: Kate Moss Flash Back.

Tyra Banks one length hair with just a few longer layers looks elegant and is great when working out as she can pull it into a ponytail.



The layers trend may have been around a while, but growing them out and having even length hair helps locks look fuller and thicker.

Best on: Younger to middle aged women with mid-long length hair. A great style that helps fine hair look thicker.

Be cautious: If you don’t want to look too girly or have heavy features. Long, one length hair can also be unflattering on mature women.

Inspiration:  Tyra Banks.


By BB Intern Jess Brears

How long have you had your hairstyle? What’s your next choice?

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