Bargain New Hair Care Products (Under $20) For Maintaining Vibrant Hair Colour at Home

We road test the ultimate shampoo and conditioners, to help maintain your hair colour, longer.

Maintaining vibrant hair colour can be difficult. Whether you are going from blonde to brown, or brown to blonde. Or perhaps even switching things up a bit, changing your blonde to red and brown to blue.

Whatever the colour, changing your hair colour is like a relationship, it is a commitment.

With it comes the struggle in trying to keep your colour for a long period of time. So, it doesn’t fade too fast and lose it vibrancy. 

When it comes to hair care, it’s important to keep these little strands happy by cleansing and moisturising them regularly.

If not given the right attention and love, it could do some serious damage which takes a whole heap of time to repair. 

The BB team road tested these hair care products to help you keep that hair colour vibrancy going as long as possible.

Soda Australia Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner – RPR: $6.00

Conditioner –

Soda comes in a beautiful pastel blue packaging which looks beautiful in the bathroom. It has a fresh, fruity scent, which leaves hair smelling clean and the fragrance lasts for hours.

The slick looking product is plant based, naturally paraben free, cruelty free and also vegan. Hair feels silky and smooth after use, with a strong fragrance which leaves hair feeling fresh with a fruity scent.

Renae: “Given it’s all natural, I was surprised at how well this product performed. Often natural hair products don’t have a strong fragrance and can leave hair feeling a little dry the following day. Not this product.”

When hair is well nourished and moisturised, your colour will always last longer and stay protected. Soda does just that by hydrating the hair, leaving it feeling strong. 

OGX Soothing Liquid Pearl Shampoo and Conditioner – RRP: $20.00 each

Shampoo –

This magical duo comes in a luxury looking pearl white container with gold lids. It has a fragrance of fresh blossoms in a spring garden and the smell stays in your hair for hours after it’s been washed.

Though not exactly designed for maintaining colour, it keeps hair smooth and hydrated, the two keys to long-lasting colour. 

When using products that help to maintain strength and moisture in the hair, you can usually get at least a few more weeks than normal out of your hair colour.

These products work to lock in moisture and stop hair from drying out and losing its colour. 

Hair feels soft and silky after only one use of this shampoo and conditioner. And the added serum in this pack also helps keep frisky fly always at bay.

red haired women with hair flying above her hair in the wind
Whatever the colour, changing your hair colour is like a relationship, it is a commitment

Garnier Fructis Hydrating Aloe Vera Hair Food Shampoo and Conditioner – RPR: $8.20 each

Conditioner –

These quirky looking juice bottles look fab in the bathroom. Their fragrance smells like a spring garden of blossoms – so fresh and botanical. And the fragrance lasts for a few hours after hair is washed and dried.

Aloe Vera plays a small part, but the added botanical ingredients in this vegan and cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner range from Garnier are heaven scent and stay in the hair several hours after washing and drying.

Usually, when using the right shampoo, hair colour always last longer when the products are designed to keep hair well moisturised.

When hair is dry, colour fades fast. This range from Garnier certainly stops that, and hair feels soft and smooth after use. Comes in a range of different fruity fragrances including watermelon which we also love.

Daily Naturals moisture intense shampoo and conditioner – RPR: $16.95 each

Conditioner –

Natural but luxurious, the shampoo is white, and the conditioner bottle is gold which overall brings some style into your bathroom.

The Daily Naturals fragrance is fresh and clean as both products have non-toxic ingredients and are brilliant for coloured or dry hair as both inject moisture into the hair shaft.

The shampoo foams up and cleanses the hair, and as soon as the conditioner goes on, hair becomes super smooth to touch, and a comb runs straight through it. Excellent for fine hair.

Renae: “The hair ends were visibly smoother and less dry after four washes. This set also allows less washes per week, as it has the power to keep hair moist for a long time. The products are cruelty free and vegan, as well as sulphate and paraben free.”

Bar None Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner – RPR: $20.00 each

Conditioner –

Bar None specialises in being zero waste and plastic waste. The packaging for these products is ethically and sustainably made as the aluminium bottle is recyclable. The bright pink also creates a fun pop of colour in any bathroom and shower. Both products have a pleasantly sweet coconut and vanilla scent which isn’t overpowering at all and leaves the hair smelling fresh afterwards. 

These products are perfect for anyone who has curly or dyed hair. The curls when dried were defined with only being air-dried and with no added additional products were needed after showering.

Also, the dyed hair parts felt moisturised and soft instead of dry and stiff. This may be a result of the products having no added hair-damaging ingredients such as harsh sulphates, mineral oil and triclosan – it’s instead vegan and cruelty-free. 

The conditioner has a thicker consistency but the shampoo isn’t runny and both apply on smoothly throughout the hair and scalp. Gorgeous.

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