Do you know the secret to long, lush locks when doing lots of sport?

Bondi Beauty spoke exclusively to Redken’s Matthew Jones about how to have and keep gorgeous hair when working out – and there’s a secret every girl should know.

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The ultimate messy braid from NYC fashion week: Ben Valla at Shoot Everything for Redken 5th Avenue NYC

BB:  Is it really possible to have long, fabulous hair when you are a sporty girl?

Absolutely. Working with your stylist is the most important factor here. Explain to them your lifestyle and styling habits and regime and let them create a look that is easy enough for you to recreate post workout.

BB: Do you have some insider tips on how to have fabulous hair AND be a sporty girl?

My biggest tip would be to learn how to braid, they look trendy during to workout, look even better with a chic work outfit, and can be used to create some amazing texture once pulled out for an evening look.

There are many  tutorials available on the internet or just ask your stylist next visit for some tips or tutoring. Its all about working smarter and cutting time down for you guys so you can do more of the things you love.

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Learning how to braid can protect your hair and make doing sport so much easier.

BB: What is the best style to have if you do lots of sport?

I think either something short with plenty of texture is great especially if it just a simple matter of fluff drying and applying some styling paste.

If short is out of the question then make sure you hair is easy enough to pull up so hair doesn’t fall in your face and distract/irritate you. Always remember longer layers work best for this.

BB: Do we need more regular trims when doing a lot of sport?

Regular trim are a must regardless of how active you are. 8-10 week trims help to remove old hair and restore lustre and bounce. Its also a great time to refresh colours or get a salon exclusive treatment like a Redken Chemistry shot to restore hair to optimal condition.

What’s your tip for great hair after working out?

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