6 of the Best Shapewear Brands to Help Improve Your Relationship with Your Body


Improve your relationship with your body with these shapewear brands designed to enhance your best features.

The key to being the best version of yourself is by learning to love yourself. Loving yourself also includes loving your body.

Let’s make this clear, all bodies are beautiful and unique. No one’s body needs to be photoshopped or reshaped in any way. Instead, everyone’s body should be celebrated.

There’s no doubt that the reputation of shapewear hasn’t always been that great. However, over the years, shapewear has evolved. Designs and materials are high-quality and flexible, providing comfort rather than discomfort.

So, how exactly can shapewear and self-love coexist? Shapewear can improve your relationship with your body by boosting confidence and comfort in your own skin but not by changing your entire body; rather, by enhancing your best physical features and empowering your inner glow.

Shapewear has grown to become a wardrobe essential for women (and men) in all shapes, ages, and sizes – most significantly, during this festive season when you just can’t help but indulge a little bit more. We all think of ‘Spanx’ when we hear the word, ‘shapewear’- and the brand continues to work miracles on all body types.

But, with the expansion of the shapewear market over recent years, trying out different brands may mean that the perfect garment for your body type may still be out there. Hence, with so many styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming and challenging to find the right fit of shapewear to suit your needs.

We’ve rounded 5 of the best shapewear brands that contour and shape the body comfortably, taking you a step closer to feeling good and loving yourself.

Hush Hush

Best Shapewear Brief

Hush Hush

Hush Hush is an Australian brand that markets alluring and supporting shapewear for all occasions. Hush Hush’s shapewear is made with quality nylon and elastane which are super-smoothing and non-restrictive materials that guarantee an hourglass silhouette.

The brand’s ethos encourages confidence and positivity, particularly for women who live busy and chaotic lifestyles. Although a little bit pricier, Hush Hush knows that a splurge on luxury can go a long way.

Star product: Essensual Firm Control Brief ($34.95)

Essensual Firm Control Brief ($34.95)

Illusions Lingerie

Best Shapewear for Tummy and Waist

Established in 1983 in Melbourne, Illusions Lingerie are most certainly shapewear experts.

Illusions Lingerie offers an extensive range of shapewear and spanx in Australia, with sizes that go from 8 to 28, and A to J cup. Made using modern and sophisticated fabrics, their shapewear comes in flattering designs that compress, smooth, and contour the body. The material used is super lightweight and breathable yet is firm in ensuring that everything stays in place.

Comfort is clearly a massive priority for Illusions Lingerie. For this reason, they offer personal fittings with their trained and friendly staff to ensure that their customers choose the right garment.

Sometimes, choosing shapewear can be a difficult task – you don’t want to choose something too tight that you can’t breathe, or too loose that it slides up or down with every movement.

With this service, you’re ensured to find shapewear designed to effortlessly
enhance your body’s natural figure.

However, if you’re looking to purchase online, free and prompt shipping is on orders over $150.

Star product: Flexible Fit Firm Control Hi Waist Brief ($79.95)

Flexible Fit Firm Control Hi Waist Brief ($79.95)


Best Shapewear Bodysuit


We’re sure that you’ve heard about the shapewear brand, ‘Skims’ before. Co-founded by influencer, entrepreneur and aspiring lawyer, Kim Kardashian, the brand is generation-defining.

Born out of the pandemic, the brand was an immediate success. Customers were more than ever leaning into comfort and simplicity, and this is precisely what Skims offers. Kardashian refers to her shapewear as ‘everyday pieces’, thus, the garments’ level of softness and comfortability is ten out of ten. You don’t even feel like you need to get changed out of it after a long day. Not to mention, the products are reasonably priced for a celeb-owned business.

Beyond that, Skims communicates an important message of representation that is more than just about body type. Skims offers shapewear that comes in a multitude of skin tone shades to offer a seamless camouflage, from cocoa to light sand. That way, it’ll look like you’re wearing a gorgeous, figure-hugging leotard instead of a suffocating contraption.

Don’t be fooled by the initial size of the garment (it looks small enough to wrap around a single thigh). The material stretches without breaking, smoothening out all the areas you want to highlight the body’s best parts.

Star product: Sculpting Bodysuit with Snaps ($116)

Sculpting Bodysuit with Snaps ($116)

Nancy Ganz

Best Slip Dress Shapewear

Nancy Ganz

Nancy Ganz just knows when it comes to ultra-soft and ultra-comfy shapewear that lasts. They’re a classic, just like Spanx – however, their size range is slightly more limited. Nonetheless, they have an abundance of sophisticated styles to choose from.

Their shapewear features anti-slip hems which means that the garment will stay put, no matter what. This, along with their technical fitting expertise and use of the latest fabric technology, evidently reinforce why Nancy Ganz is the go-to solution for women who want to look and feel their best.

In 2009, Nancy Ganz launched body-shaping swimwear which comes in a range of chic colours and prints to flatter any body type when at the beach or poolside. In 2014, the brand introduced Nancy Ganz SLIMS which is a thinner alternative (50% thinner, to be exact) to traditional shapewear, therefore, it is lighter, breezier, and sheer yet still firm.

They’ve seriously got you covered for any occasion! Yes!

Star Product: Body Architect Slip Dress ($84.95)

Body Architect Slip Dress ($84.95)


Best Shapewear for Tummy and Thighs


Ambra delivers quality, fashionable everyday shapewear for reasonable prices. Ambra’s selling point is that they focus on creating shapewear that appeals to all customers – no matter the age or demographic. So, Ambra’s products are very much a long-lasting staple in your wardrobe, that can even be passed around between family members.

Their products are made from a soft-touch fabric that feels luxurious on the skin – you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. Ambra’s shapewear sits against the skin without digging in and restricting movement, making you feel like your absolute best.

Star product: Killer Figure Powerlite Thigh Shaper Short ($29.95)

Killer Figure Powerlite Thigh Shaper Short ($29.95)


Best Bra Shapewear


As suggested by its name, Wonderbra works absolute wonders!

Starting in the United States in 1935, it quickly travelled all the way to Europe and is now available in Australia via The Iconic. The brand always manages to capture attention with its advertising campaigns that are sexy and slightly cheeky to celebrate all kinds of body types and bust sizes.

They offer more than just a simple push-up bra. With skill and confidence, they have created bras that come in a myriad of sizes and cleavage effects in the latest styles. Wonderbra recognises the importance of wearing the right bra to adapt to a woman’s lifestyle – and not the other way around.

So, if you’re struggling to find the right bra for that strapless dress you’ve been dying to wear, Wonderbra may have just the answer for you.

Star product: Ultimate Strapless Bra ($94.95)

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