The Insider’s Guide To Selling Your Clothes Online on Depop

How to make bank selling your clothes on depop

With this insiders guide to selling your clothes online, you’ll be making a fortune in no time.

The top sellers on Depop can make up to $10,000 a month selling their old threads from the comfort of their home. Selling clothes online is super easy when you know the tips and tricks of the trade.

It’s about that time of year to start an intensive culling of the clothes that no longer serve you. Why not clear out old threads while making bank on the side? 

Depop is an online shopping app that allows 10 million people worldwide to buy and sell unique items. The layout is similar to Instagram as users have profile pages that involve a display picture, bio, followers, and images of their clothes with descriptions and prices. Additionally, there is an ‘explore’ page that shares what’s trending and you can search up items you desire.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell clothes on Depop. If you wanna know how to satisfy your vintage craving online click here.

1. Create Your Profile

It is essential to create your own brand that encapsulates the clothing style. Start by coming up with a unique profile name whether it’s your own name or something funky like @altheavintage. Next, add a cover photo that works as a logo for your online store – most users include a simple photo of themselves to further personalise their account. Now, it’s time to add the bio, this should include what you’re selling, why you’re selling, and your shop policies. The last step is to connect your PayPal to Depop so you can start making bank.

How to Make Bank Selling Your Clothes on Depop

2. Loved It Now List It

The most important part of Depop is taking eye-catching photos and videos as they are essential in drawing buyers in. Firstly, clothes are more likely to sell when they are modeled by the seller. Moreover, your chances of being featured on the explore page increase when the picture and piece of clothing are aesthetic. 

So, set up with a plain background so the subject is the main focus and the background does not distract the viewer. Perhaps you’ll have to drape a sheet over the cupboard or migrate to the backyard wall to capture your vogue-worthy pics. Subsequently, ensure there is adequate natural lighting as this will best represent the outfit as it is IRL. (in real life) 


Once the images are taken, choose the best four photos (using all four photos increase your chances of selling by 20%) and brighten them using effects. Additionally, there is a video feature that enables buyers to see movement and how the clothing fits. 

Depop’s Seller’s Handbook is an absolute must-read if you want to be successful selling your pre-loved clothes.

3. Description

The caption of the listing lets the buyer all the important information about the get-up you’re selling. It is crucial to state the condition of the item, highlighting any faults, unique features such as adjustable straps, size, and price. 

How to Make Bank Selling Your Clothes on Depop

In addition, it is essential to include the shipping price and whether you are open to both domestic and worldwide shipping. Normally, domestic shipping is $10 using 500g bags with tracking numbers from the post office.
Some users include the location so customers will know where their new goodies are coming from and thus how long shipping will take. Furthermore, you can include relevant hashtags that will help boost your exposure.

4. Customer Service

Besides making your profile look professional, interacting with customers is a key part of your success. 

Good customer service > good reviews > better rating = more sales.

How to Make Bank Selling Your Clothes on Depop

Tips to get a good rating:

  • Reply quickly
  • Be kind
  • Be open to offers
  • Fast shipping
  • Leave buyers nice reviews
  • If something goes wrong offer free shipping – cost you money at the time but is beneficial in the long run

5. From Selling to Shipping

When you sell your first piece it is quite exciting, however, there is some serious business to attend to. Depop charges a 10% flat-rate fee on all items sold. The reason for this is that they don’t charge a subscription fee or listing fee, so when you get paid they get paid.

How to Make Bank Selling Your Clothes on Depop
How to Make Bank Selling Your Clothes on Depop

First things first, message the buyer letting them know you’ve seen their purchase and when you plan to ship the order. This is beneficial in building relationships and encouraging good reviews. 

Secondly, wash the piece of clothing before packing up the order and put the tracking number into Depop so the customer knows it’s on its way. As a little extra kindness write a cute little note saying thanks for purchasing from your shop.

Follow this how-to guide and you’ll be making bank in no time.

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