French Facialist Christine Clais Reveals her Secrets to Obtaining Beautiful Skin



Whether it’s their stylish wardrobe, effortlessly tussled hair or flawless skin, French women have something everyone seems to want: Beautiful Skin

And whilst we are all searching for that one miracle anti-aging product, French women take a more laid back approach when it comes to ageing.

In her new book French Complexion; the secrets to beautiful skin at any age, Clais provides insight into a French woman’s beauty routine.

Skin Supplementation; Borage Oil is a favourite in France at the moment. It’s high in essential fatty acids, making it great for boosting resilience and integrity of the skin. French women love their supplements, and most skin houses in France supply you with nutritional capsules, tablets and potions for consumption in conjunction with other skincare products.

Herbal Detox; A few times a year, French women undergo a herbal detox. This involves drinking a daily shot of herbal detoxifying elixir for a week or two. Herbal detoxing helps to brighten your skin, by reducing fluid retention, increase vitality and cleanse your system of any harmful chemicals.

Bust firming creams and anti-cellulite products; French women treat their bodies with as much care as they do their face. Particularly with the use of Bust Firming creams and anti-cellulite products. Regular use of these products, along with body scrubs and moisturizer helps skin looking fresh, firm and natural all year around.

Follow a regular skincare regime; Skincare is taken seriously in France and is seen as an important part of your daily routine, rather than a chore. With most French women regularly using cleansers, toners, eye gel or cream, serums, day cream, night creams, sunscreen, exfoliants and masks.

No Junk food; Eating well is paramount to your skin looking and remaining beautiful for as long as possible. French love to cook a wide variety of fresh foods and normally make an affair out of it with friends and family on a regular basis. Everyday meals are composed of small servings, with cakes and champagne reserved for special occasions only.

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