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Feet First: Why Barefoot Running Is Taking Off

Is running barefoot just another fad for obsessive caveman and cavewoman wannabes or is there something we can all benefit from by tossing aside our running shoes? By Chiropractor Dr Billy Chow Have you noticed anything different these days at your local running events? Take a quick look around when you’re next lining up at the […]

The ultimate detox for your feet

Milky Foot Active promises smooth, baby-soft feet in just one effortless application. This luxurious at-home treatment claims it will makeover your feet and remove hardened skin and dry cracks through its intense peeling action to reveal milky-soft skin. You put your feet into gel-filled plastic bags for up to an hour, remove them, wash your […]

Follow These Steps For Fab Feet

We walk on them every day – and if you play any kind of sport, your feet are regularly having extra pressure put on them from every direction. It might be time to give them some attention: 1. Wear Shoes That Fit If your shoes are too tight, it can cause hammertoe, corns, ingrown toenails […]

Fish Feet – the new beauty treatment sweeping Europe.

Fish are being used to clean dry skin off feet in a new beauty treatment called “Doctor Fish”. Clients have to thoroughly wash their feet before settling into a comfy seat and lowering both legs into a tank full of fish who then swarm around the feet. The fish known as Garra Rufa nibble at the […]

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