Bondi Beauty meets Sydney blogger Yan Yan Chan

Bondi Beauty spoke with fabulous fashion and lifestyle blogger Yan Yan Chan about her blog Parfasseux, unique style and health and fitness habits.

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Sydney blogger Yan Yan Chan has over 27,000 followers on instagram.

With over twenty-seven thousand Instagram followers and blogging for some of Australia’s greatest labels including Cameo, Finders Keepers, Shakuhachi and Kobe Husk, Yan Yan is in high demand.

What do you do to unwind and relax after a big week?

I float on my back in the ocean for as long as I want. I can never decide if closing my eyes and letting my mind wander or having my eyes open with the view of the sky is better.

 What do you do to keep your figure and stay in shape?

I eat quiet healthy and spend as much time as I can in the sun. I love light exercise.. yoga and occasionally jogging.

Do you follow a strict diet?

Definitely not. I don’t believe in strict eating routines or dieting at all! I enjoy eating and love having a good meal. We’re so lucky to have an abundance of healthy and great produce in Australia, it’s rare for me to eat unhealthy!

 What does your ideal workout outfit include?

I’m obsessed with my Nike gear. I love my Nike free runs, my dri-fit and I recently got the Tech fleece which is perfect for Winter – it keeps me warm.. I also have about 5 sports bras from them because the prints are so awesome.

 When did you start blogging?

I was really into photography and my parents had just bought me my first DSLR – I’m pretty sure I lied and told them that it was a criteria to have a camera for photography class. I desperately wanted to be a fashion photographer back then. I was setting up mini shoots with my friends in Centennial park, styled them up and carried my DSLR everywhere I went.

It got to a point where I had a ridiculous amount of photos saved in a file, I started posting them up on Tumblr out of procrastination.. the few followers I had wanted to see more.. so I got into a routine of documenting everything and anything, and eventually my content was refined and it turned into a personal style/lifestyle blog.

Where did the name of Parfasseux come from?

It’s completely made up, it’s a hybrid of the French “lazy” (paresseux) and English; fashion. It basically defines my style. I honestly didn’t think anyone would read my blog, hence the bizarre name.

 What inspired you to start blogging?

I’ve always been a visual engager and was constantly experimenting with art, photography, film, clothes and always had an interest in the world of fashion but hadn’t a clue about what the industry really was, so when I attended my first fashion week and got a tiny glimpse of what fashion was, I became totally obsessed.

At this point, my DSLR was practically an extension of my face, I was taking photos of the runway, the street style, the gift bags and even the miniscule of things. I met Jess from Tuula that day (back when her website was still on Tumblr!), which was my first moment of blog exposure.. I didn’t even know that it was a thing.

Where does your taste in style come from?

Sydney lifestyle is so at ease and casual, so my style has definitely been influenced by that, cross between my parents – they were super trendy in their youth…half my wardrobe comes from them

Have you always had an interest in fashion?

In the beginning, no. I was always very involved in performing arts and photography, my interest only really began when I watched The Devil Wears Prada – as cliché as that sounds. But after that film, I started reading Vogue, discovered and FTV and before I knew it, I went to fashion week and it went downhill from there.. haha.

Who are your style icons?

I like Taylor Tomasi Hill, Kamilya Kuspan and Ursina Gysi.

 What are your favourite brands right now?

APC, Celine, Iceberg and… Dion Lee – not that I can afford any of them.

 What are your five must have’s for Winter 2014?

Knee high boots, a perfectly oversized coat, a cashmere something, turtle neck sweater and a fedora! They’re all such adaptable pieces to anyone’s wardrobe and there are so many alternatives when it comes to styling them.

 If you were deserted on an island and could only take one outfit what would you choose?

Hopefully it’s hot. I’d take a little white dress and a big straw hat.

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