We Have Road-Tested The Best False Eyelashes For The Festive Season

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There are times when mascara just doesn’t do the trick, and lashes need that extra boost, insert: False Eyelashes

It can be hard to find the perfect lash, whether you want a natural look, full glam look or lashes that are easy to apply.

But once you’ve found the best false lashes, there will be no turning back. They are the perfect way to up the anti on any makeup look.

Here are Bondi Beauty’s current faves:

OneFigure Lashes

Our Rating: 9/10

False eyelashes are a great way to accentuate your eyes however, often they can be tricky to apply.

OneFigure lashes takes the hard part out of the equation. Their revolutionary concept of ‘magnetic lashes’ enlists a magnetic liquid liner that works in the way lash glue would. This sticks to the eyelashes, which have tiny magnetic strips attached, making the application seamless. And they won’t fall off during the night!

OneFigure Lashes

The lashes are reusable, so they are kind to the environment! Created by Samuel Levi, a New Zealand fashion influencer whose first collection sold out in 48 hours. And for good reason.

There are four lash options to choose from, which are priced at $24.99 each. The magnetic liquid liner is $39.99 and the magnetic gel liner is $34.99

Ardell Lashes

Our Rating: 8/10

Ardell lashes are a cult favourite lash option, used by countless beauty gurus and makeup artists.

The new Ardell Naked Lash Collection is the perfect lash for a more natural look. These lashes would suit a no-makeup-makeup look or arvo drinks in the sun.

These can be worn day or night, and are designed to feel like nothing at all. The Naked Lash collection has an invisible band to connect the lashes to the eyes.

The lashes aren’t tested on animals and prices start at $5.00 per set of lashes.

Nikkia Joy Cosmetics

Our Rating: 7/10

One word: Volume

If you want big lashes this festive season, Nikkia Joy Cosmetics is your go-to place. These lashes are renowned for their eye-popping magic and boy, they do not hold back.

If you are intimidated by big lashes, or think they wont suit your eye shape don’t worry! You are not left out. The website has a lash guide, to help determine the appropriate lash type for anything from small eyes to hooded eyes.

Nikkia Joy Cosmetics

The Glamour Set provides 5 exclusive lash styles and, as the name suggests, are really glamorous. Perfect for a big, fluffy lash over the festive season.

The glamour set is priced at $35.00  and individual lash packs start at $8.00

Fitcover Lash Kit

Our Rating: 8/10

If false lashes aren’t your thing, don’t worry. You can still achieve beautiful, fluttery lashes. The Fitcover Lash Mass Kit – Fibre lash mascara is a 2-in-1 lash kit that comprises of 1 serum mascara and 1 lash fibre wand.

The idea is that you apply the serum mascara to create a base, then follow with the fibre wand to create a fake-lash look. Then lock it in with the serum mascara. By adding the fibres to your lashes, volume and length can be increased by up to 900%.

This creates a lash look that is sweat resistance, waterproof, vegan and cruelty free.

The fibres are made of green tea and nylon, so they are hypoallergenic and completely fine for sensitive eyes.

The kit is priced at $49.00

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