Lee Stafford – hairdresser to the stars

Lee Stafford has been hairdresser to the stars in the UK for decades, he even married one, UK model and actor Jessica-Jane Clement.

We love this image of lee Stafford and his wife Jessica Jane Clement on their wedding day.

He won hairdresser of the year in Britain in 1997 which catapulted his career, and he starred in a number of British television shows talking and styling hair.

He has worked on almost every UK fashion magazine, and knows every trick there is about hair.

Stafford’s mantra is have fun, look wicked, smell beautiful, and he seems to have achieved all that with his range of products he has been selling globally for over 10 years.

There’s products for blondes, for thicker hair, and they sell well in both the UK and Australia.

During a recent trip to Sydney, he dropped in on Bondi Beauty to give us hair, food and life advice. He told us all about his gorgeous wife, and son, how much he loves Australia,  and we even convinced him to take up yoga!

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Renae Leith-Manos

Editor and Founder of Bondi Beauty

Renae Leith-Manos loves fitness, new beauty products, long chats and long flights. She is at her best when traveling the world writing about luxury hotels and Michelin Star restaurants (www.renaesworld.com.au). She has had a colourful media career as a journalist inmagazines and newspapers, in Australia and Asia. She spends her time writing, cooking, consulting to new businesses, running and working out.

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