Go Naked with these Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

eco-friendly skincare

Do your bit and help the environment by using more ethical and eco-friendly beauty products.

Ethical beauty is on the rise and with that bring a whole new range of products which are not only ethical, they are eco-friendly too.

Ranging from products with no packaging, like the naked range by LUSH to the recyclable glass containers of the new skincare range by BIOME. More and more brands are jumping on board to play their part in protecting this wonderful planet we call home.

As if launching fifty new bath bombs wasn’t enough, LUSH Cosmetics have now released a spectacular new package free skincare range, which is cruelty-free, vegan, ethically made and environmentally friendly.

Amazon Primer Naked Facial Oil Bar RRP $19.95

Sweep the Amazon Primer Naked Facial Bar over skin and gently rub in to cleanse away dirt, oil and makeup. Or rub between fingers to warm and massage over face. Can be used morning and night. The bar is made from Cupuacu Butter from Amazon, Andiroba Oil and Arrowroot Powder to help sooth and cleanse skin.

Sleepy Face Naked Cleansing Balm RRP $9.95

Dampen skin and apply the Sleepy Face Cleansing Bar right away by massaging all over face. Wash off with a warm cloth once done. This bar is perfect just before bed to help destress and relax skin. It is made with Fairtrade organic cocoa butter, jojoba oil and gentle almond oil to help calm, soothe and remove excess dirt from the skin.

Click here to see the full Naked Skincare range by LUSH.

Australian eco-friendly and natural brand Biome who make everything from skincare, recipes for DIY skincare, ethically made bamboo toothbrushes and other household products have been saying no to plastic for a long time.

Biome is different from other brands, as they delve into the whole story of a product, the people behind it and its impacts. All their products are free from toxins. Recently they released their new organic, vegan, cruelty-free and naturally made face cream packaged in a reusable and recyclable glass container.

Available in both scented and unscented, the new Biome Light Face Cream is a light and creamy formula made with Aloe Vera Hemp Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil to nourish, protect and nurture skin. It’s non-greasy and is great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. (RRP $29.95)

There is nothing more ethical than the fabulous cruelty-free, naturally made organic range by New Zealand brand Ethique. Using only recyclable cardboard packaging for all their products, the brand creates naturally forumulated bars to cleane the face, nourish skin, wash hair and there’s even a deodorant bar.

Ethique Bliss Bar Face Cleansing Bar RRP $26.99

Made from creamed coconut, vegetable glycerine and clay, the Bliss Bar works to remove makeup and gently cleanses the skin, without stripping away any natural oils. It’s suitable for all skin typed and can be used morning and night. To use, simply wet the bar, rub between hands to lather and then apply to face. Massage well and then wash off for a super squeeky clean.

Ethique Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar RRP $24.99

This product was created over a year ago to celebrate ethique’s fifth birthday. However, the product was so popular it was brought back – for good! The bar is made with Samoan coconut, coconut butter and smells like pink grapefruit an vanilla. To use, wet the bar and hair, then swipe up the bar up and down on hair to apply. Lather up on hair with hands for a nourishing clean to locks.

Click here to see the full range by ethique.

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