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Driven by her passion for non-toxic beauty, Australia’s leading Natural makeup artist Emmily Banks is helping women of all ages discover conscious beauty and authentic wellbeing from the inside out.

After nine years of being a makeup artist, Emmily, 30, has ditched her regular beauty products, to take a more ethical approach in her career, to become a well-known natural beauty makeup artist who only uses natural, organic and non-toxic makeup and beauty products for both herself and her clients.

Spending much of her spare time at Bondi swimming, running and relaxing in saunas and seeking nutritious eats around Sydney, Emmily loves travelling the globe and spreading the good word on non-toxic, ethical and natural beauty products.

With the success of her online health and wellness blog Depths of Beauty, a You Tube channel, and a cook book in the works, Emmily was the ambassador for Australian Organic Awareness Month in 2017. At the event, she was promoting the benefits of using more natural beauty products and to help motivate people to become a healthier version of themselves, from the inside out.

And it all started with being a humble makeup artist.

“I’ve always been attracted to beauty, and makeup artistry was a fun, creative outlet. I studied makeup and built my kit up over time. I am very grateful to have worked on a range of editorial, wedding and lifestyle shoots and my career as a makeup artist really took off from there.”

Six years into her career as a makeup artist, Emmily started to notice, there was a real gap in the market for makeup artists using organic, non-toxic and natural makeup, and wondered why no one was offering a natural alternative.

“I decided that I could be the one to start it. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs up to 60 percent of what we put on it, straight into the blood stream. I started noticing the toxins and chemicals that we were absorbing, and it just wasn’t enough for me. And that’s how Depths of Beauty was born.”

And, if you’re thinking of making the transition into non-toxic, natural and organic beauty products, and are feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospects of changing over. Don’t be.

“Keep an eye out for the Australian Certified Organic Bud logo, so you can ensure the products you are using are truly tested by a reputable board. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by choice. Just start with one or two products at a time and build your collection from there.

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety, performance and amazing range of natural alternatives. I switched my makeup kit over in a weekend, and I haven’t looked back.”

Being more aware of what you’re putting on your skin, is a conscious choice of how you want to treat your body and the planet. A decision more and more women OF all ages, are making every day.

In a national survey conducted last year by Australian Organic, more than two out of three households purchased organic products in a space of twelve months.

“When you are using organic, natural products; whether it be beauty products, or food, you can ensure what you are putting on your skin; or in your body, and absorbing into your blood stream, is not only supporting your own health, but the health of the environment.

The products perform just as well as mainstream products and the price points are the same, and just as easily accessible as any other product. Organic products are just the more conscious choice.”

Some of Emmily’s favourite organic beauty brands she uses are Maemo, Organic Spa and Vanessa Megan.

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