5 Truly Natural Skincare Brands

Wondering which skincare brands you can trust to be truly natural?

The gurus at Lush preparing a face mask product with real avocado

We hear you. Trying to go natural, whether for your skin or for the environment is becoming increasingly confusing.

Here are 5 natural environmentally conscious skincare brands we’ve tried and liked. We judged them based on whether they were ethically-sourced, organic, all-natural, and cruelty free products.

Trilogy is a New Zealand based skincare brand with an emphasis on sourcing organic ingredients and prioritising the use of natural ingredients rather than synthetic. Bondi Beauty spoke to Corinne Morley, Trilogy’s in-house beauty expert, who explained that their original inspiration for venturing into organic products was the discovery of how beneficial Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is for the skin.
Aside from their amazing Organic Rosehip Oil, Bondi Beauty’s favourite Trilogy product is their all-natural Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm (RRP$36.90). This luxurious balm smells like mango and coconut and removes all traces of make-up while also moisturising your skin—no tight, dry skin here! Using this product turns your house into an exclusive day-spa.

Jurlique’s openness about their organic and biodynamic farming methods is what earns them a place on our natural beauty list. Their skincare products are made using ingredients grown sustainably on their Adelaide Hills farm in South Australia, where they cultivate over 30 different species. A central part of their brand is their desire to control it from “seed-to-skin”, allowing them to ensure the utmost care is taken throughout the entire process, making it easy for us to see how natural and environmentally friendly Jurlique products are.
We’re absolutely loving Jurlique’s Rose Hand Cream (RRP$29). This hydrating cream smells like the best kind of summer’s day and leaves our hands and cuticles feeling soft and supple, perfect for after a day at the beach.

And how could we talk about environmentally conscious beauty without talking about LUSH? You can smell a LUSH store a mile away, and for good reason. Their luxurious, handmade, natural cosmetics are some of the freshest out there and are ethically mindful, and 100% vegetarian . Their skincare and haircare ranges are our favourites as they carry a range of vegan and organic products with scents that are hard to beat.
Just about anything from LUSH is great, but at Bondi Beauty we love their  bath bombs. With such fantastic colours and smells it’s like you’re getting a 5-star spa treatment at home. We recommend trying their Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb (RRP$6.75).

The Body Shop
Anita Roddick was well ahead of her time. The Body Shop’s commitment to cruelty-free skincare  is what started the global trend for environmentally friendly beauty. Today their range includes skincare and make-up products that form the basis of our daily beauty basics. We can confidently use The Body Shop’s products knowing that they put the utmost care into sourcing their ingredients and putting back into the community.
Our favourite right now is their Tea Tree Concealer (RRP$14.95), which has great coverage and doesn’t cause breakouts. It only comes in two shades, which is a shame, but if one of the tones suits you it will work for all skin types.

L’Occitane has, over the years, made a serious commitment to ensuring that they source their products ethically and sustainably. Their work with the women of Burkina Fasso in sourcing Shea Butter has earnt them recognition from the United Nations Development Program. They also source organic and sustainably produced ingredients whenever possible.
We love their Lavender Organic Body Lotion (RRP$39), the relaxing scent is perfect for reducing stress after a long day and the shea butter in the lotion is incredibly moisturising.


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