Beauty Cocktailing for Natural Beauty?



So what exactly IS beauty cocktailing?


A MAC artist behind the scenes, By Photographer Kate Smith.

New Zealand make-up artist Michael Ashton has revealed he uses so-called cocktailing to create Adele’s make-up looks, and we know exactly what he means. Many women claim it’s their secret to natural beauty.

You see women over a certain age – is it 30 or 35 – whatever, well we were taught many rules about make-up – and fashion, too many. When was the last time you wore red and pink together for example? And how often do you try a new foundation ( it should be seasonally).

So cocktailing is when you combine your products – and it doesn’t matter what brand they are or even what they are MEANT to be used for – you get creative and use products to create the look you want.

Four Simple ways to dip into cocktailing:

Cleansing: As we move into Autumn and the weather cools, try adding some cream cleanser to your summer gel cleanser to add moisture to your skin and re-hydrate after summer. A beautiful way to give yourself a 30 second facial massage at the end of every day.

Foundation: As your skin lightens with less sun, add a lighter (and cheaper if you like) foundation to your regular one, like MAC’s top selling studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 to get the colour right, and lighten the texture a bit.

Natural Beauty: The easiest way to attain natural looking skin without the heavy weight of foundation is to lightly use concealer with a brush, make sure it is brushed right in, and gently put moisturiser or very light textured foundation on top – but not too much.

Contouring: Contouring by definition uses cocktailing, as you are using at least 3 contour colours to shape your face, then a foundation over the top.  Start with a matte base and all you need is an umbrella for a full faced cocktail 🙂 – yes, we are joking.

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