Can Music Improve Productivity?

If you are dreading your next workout or avoiding doing some housework, why not listen to some music to lift your mood?

The founders of Keep It Cleaner, an online health and fitness program, Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw makes a case for how music can improve productivity.

From running to studying to working, putting our headphones on and pressing play seems to help us focus.

But does music actually help the brain or is it a massive distraction? We personally believe a little Lady Gaga or Bieber in the background is a great thing.

Working nine to five

If you work in a noisy office or workspace, it’s almost impossible to focus on your work. Loud colleagues yelling across desks, annoying ringtones, people tapping on their keyboards and those intense conference calls on loudspeaker – how are you meant to concentrate?

However, you can block it all out by plugging in and finding your favourite Spotify playlist. This allows you to create your own little world where you can increase productivity tenfold.

For those who work in hospitality or retail, music can transform your workspace, put a pep in your step and entice customers to come in. For example, have you ever gone into a shop that was dead quiet? It lacks atmosphere and the staff always look bored. Same for cafes and bars – music adds energy and will motivate you to work.

Music is also the perfect antidote for repetitive and boring tasks (such as stocking fridges and shelves or folding clothes). A great tune or playlist can help you get in the zone and get the job done.

Let’s get physical

When it comes to working out – there is no way we could push ourselves as hard as we do without music. Listening to dance or pop music with a great bass subconsciously ups your effort so you can run faster and longer (perfect if you’re learning to run on our health and wellness program KIC).

The rhythm of music also encourages you to move – have you ever managed to stay still when Avicii is on? It can also put you in the zone so you can lift heavier or squat longer.

Music can also improve your mood. An upbeat tune can make you smile or remind you of an awesome holiday or an epic girls’ night out. And when you’re in a good mood, you’re more likely to focus and be productive. So, if you’re finding it hard to focus, play one of your favourite tracks and channel the associated memory into your work.

Please don’t stop the music

There are so many music genres to choose from, but some are better suited to different tasks and different personalities. Here’s our music pairing (like wine and cheese) to help increase your productivity and kick butt:

  • Classical or Jazz + studying
  • Rock + HIIT
  • Dance + running
  • 80s and 90s pop + work
  • House Party + cleaning
  • Reggae or Indie + chilling

Keep It Cleaner is an online health, lifestyle and wellness program aimed to motivate girls to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For more information head over to



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