Philips VisaPure Cleansing Brush Review- Bondi Beauty Road Test.

 The Facial Cleansing Brush we road tested

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The Visa Pure Cleansing Brush

Name of Product: VisaPure Cleansing Brush

Brand: Philips

Price: RRP $199


When the Philips VisaPure Cleansing Brush arrived claiming to be a “deep, gentle cleanse that reveals soft, radiant skin” and is “10 times more effective than hand cleansing” the team at Bondi Beauty were sceptical, so we decided to try it out.

The VisaPure sports a sleek, light -weight design and comes in a pretty sky blue colour. With easily understandable instructions that cleansing brush comes with two adjustable heads, normal and sensitive, so you can change the heads depending on your skin type. With a 1 minute program timer, broken up into three lots of 20 seconds for the three zones the brush aims to target (both cheeks and T-Zone), it is easy to use. The waterproof aspect of the VisaPure is an additional bonus, meaning it can also be used in the shower.

During the time I trialled the VisaPure I had multiple events to attend to, meaning I needed my skin to be looking its best. Finding time each morning to use the cleansing brush was easy enough and left my face feeling radiant for the day. Upon use each night after days filled with eating, working out, catching up with friends and sunshine (all putting strain my skin) I found that the VisaPure took off my make-up better than hand cleansing and left my face feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Over the weekend trialling the VisaPure I received several comment about my skin, with friends suggesting it looked “radiant and fresh.”

After 5 days testing the effects of the VisaPure cleansing brush my skin appeared radiant and refreshed, I was disappointed to notice I was about to develop a few pimples, but I can’t complain after an indulgent weekend it was to be expected – cleansing brush or not.

The only negatives I have to state about the VisaPure would be the price – almost $200 dollars is a fair amount to pay for what would seem to be a gigantic electric toothbrush. But having radiant skin and feeling fresh faced after each use, in my opinion, are worth the cost. Having the VisaPure would seemingly save you money on facials.

Philips new VisaPure cleansing brush is a great product, it is quick and easy to use and leaves your skin feeling radiant and revitalised as promised.


POSITIVES- It does what it says


By BB Intern Brooke Davie

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