Want plastic surgery? You may have to wait.

New medical Guidelines introduced today will force some patients to wait for plastic surgery procedures.

Even injectables like botox are being targeted in the new Australian medical guidelines. Image courtesy of www.theodessyonline.com

Tough new medical guidelines are forcing doctors to follow new rules which will force some patients to wait for their procedures.

The new rules are aimed to ensure patients think through their procedures and don’t act irrationally on the spur of the moment and have procedures they don’t really need or want.

With new figures showing Australia spends more on cosmetic procedures per head of capita than Americans, the new guidelines are aimed to ensure patients are informed and protected.

Under the new rules:

1) All patients considering a major procedure will have a seven day cooling off period.
2) Patients under 18 will have a 3 month cooling off period with mandatory counselling by either psychologist, psychiatrist or GP.
3) The treating practitioner must take “explicit care” of the patient in post-operative care.
4) Patients considering botox or other fillers must have mandatory consultations by a doctor in person or via Skype.
5) Costs must be transparent and detailed.

Two patients in their 20’s in Australia died from complications after liposuction, and in both coronary investigations, it was found inadequate postoperative care was to blame.

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