How To Help Your Skin Look Younger With Needles

How a $20 microneedle derma roller could make your skin and hair products work more effectively.

It seems there are some pricks worth getting involved with, and it is these mirco needles that could just be the key to younger, fresher, tighter skin.

I am not into needles, particularly given I have had twins and during any pregnancy a woman is bombarded with needles for every test and precaution under the sun. So 13 years on, I now avoid them at all costs.

So it is no surprise it took me some time to finally reach for the beauty tool surrounded in mystery and mystique, the micro derma roller, and now I am sorry I took so long.

Micro-derma rollers

So what is a micro needle derma roller? It is a mini wheel covered with hundreds of tiny needles designed to gently roll over the face and prick the surface. Sounds scary I know.

The first thing to know are that these micro derma rollers come with different sized needles – some are bigger and therefore penetrate deeper than others, but of course they hurt that bit more. Others are tiny.

I would start with the smallest one possible like I did,  and work your way from there. 

The first I used was 0.25mm – enough to feel a tiny prickle when rubbed on the hand, but no more than that. The trick is to start slowly and work your way up to longer deeper strokes. What this does is create small channels into the skin so that any products you are using can penetrate deeper.

I used mine every second day.

Once I was used to it, I then put my serum on first, sonf used the derma roller over the top. The serum seemed to absorb quicker.

The results are said to be better from the products you use whether you apply the products during or after the micro needle derma roller. Skin is plumper, and firmer. Wrinkles are reduced.

What I also discovered from an amazing hairdresser was it also works on your hair – especially for hairloss, by using those products specifically for your scalp after using the derma roller..

By rubbing the microneedle derma roller on the scalp, the head and hair follicles are more open to receive the hair products. Makes sense.

Other documented results from using a micro needle derma roller regularly include:

  1. Stimulating cell reproduction
  2. Boosting collagen
  3. Reducing acne scarring
  4. Reducing wrinkles
  5. Reducing pigementation

The great thing about this beauty hack it is not expensive and the results are well documented. You tube has a host of videos on how to use it to get the best results and look as young as possible.

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