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Blake Lively’s Body Double in Latest Movie Was an Aussie

Australian Pro-surfer 19-year-old Isabella Nichols, was Blake Lively’s body double for the shark attack thriller movie The Shallows, which released here in Australia back in August 2016. A movie based on a surfer who gets attacked by a great white shark and becomes stranded on a rock in the ocean. Blake’s  sought-after figure is on […]

This is First Base – Aussie Activewear Brand Born from Bondi

Founder of First Base Active Wear label, Alison Cotton talks with Bondi Beauty on her sustainable fashion label and how she dreams of living in a carbon-free environment in the near future. Creating a fashion label wasn’t exactly the dream Alison envisaged for herself when she was younger. Born in Perth, she dreamed of being […]

It’s a wet suit winter

Winter is on its way, and there’s only one way to get back in the ocean. With the cooler weather creeping in, and the water temps dropping even further, most of us would be packing up our beach towels until Spring rolls around. But for surfers, a season of undisturbed and significantly less crowded beaches […]

Fab New Bondi Wetsuits

Bondi designer Ashleigh Nicholls got the Bondi Rescue Crew to model her fab new wetsuits. She chatted to Bondi Beauty. 1) What was the inspiration for your amazing wetsuits? Why make them so bright? Being a lover of fashion I personally feel a great importance in expressing yourself through your attire and I felt like […]

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