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The Australian swimwear brand designed to make women feel good has finally arrived.

Infamous swim is an elegant, fun and sassy swimwear brand for Australian women.

Infamous Swim was launched with only a few thousand followers, which accelerated after her “mini me” swim range was released. So, how did she create a swimwear range worth millions?

The bright summer colours and patterns are what’s needed to give us hope that summer is around the corner.

Buying new swimwear can be daunting, so many women prefer to select a style online. Infamous swim is the Australian brand with diversity that considers all body sizes and shapes to ensure all women feel comfortable and confident at the beach.  

They sell all styles of swimmers, with fun styles, the most luxurious fabric and easily adjustable.

Gemma Crowe and her lovely family.
Gemma Crowe and her lovely family. Source: Instagram

“Infamous Swim works with a range of sizes of women from thin to thick, women who are curvy, with different cup and booty sizes”, which is just what is needed to help every woman feel relaxed at the beach, explains founder Gemma Crowe.

Melbourne founder and mum Gemma Crowe originally worked in retail, but her mind was on the surf. 

After learning skills and lessons from her unsuccessful homewares brand, Gemma took over her childhood friend’s swimwear brand 2 years ago, gave it the edge it needed and Infamous Swim was born.

When Gemma set out to create her own swimwear line, she had one goal in mind. She wanted to design swimwear for women of all shapes, sizes and ages, because “every woman deserves to feel confident at the beach” and in timeless styles.

Finding the right swimwear involves a lot of trial and error, and can be quite discouraging. It can be difficult to find swimwear that provides the preferred coverage, support and style all at once. Gemma resonated with this as a woman and created adjustable swimwear to flatter every body shape. 

Ciara wearing Infamous Swim for British Vogue
Ciara wearing Infamous Swim for British Vogue, source: Instagram.

Gemma loved “beautiful Instagram accounts where Mumma’s would match with their minis!” She then found her gap in the market, “its such a hit, and I realised there was nothing for beautiful high quality swimwear for mums to match with their daughters… so my idea for matching mum and mini swim came about!”.

Raving customer reviews have surpassed Gemma’s expectations, proving the difference she is making in the swimwear industry. Some women have even said that after buying Infamous Swim they have finally had the confidence for the first time in years to wear the swimsuit what they want on in public. 

Gemma says her swimwear is “designed to be worn with confidence, and the online team will help you get there”. 

Infamous Swim not only has a range of styles designed for different body types, but has adjustable components to create the perfect fit for each individual body and the changes that inevitably occur over time. 

Infamous Swim for women and children

They also provide customer service to help people find their perfect. And in the case that the size ordered online isn’t perfect, there is a simple online exchange procedure to help find the right swimsuit fit. 

Videos are displayed on the website to show how the swimwear fits from all angles and different ways to wear it.

And there’s more to this swimwear line than flattering styles. The fabric is designed to be super comfortable so that it can be worn in and out of the surf. “Infamous Swim is made with a seamless, high grade lining and a buttery-to-the-touch fabric, that is so comfortable that some customers wear Infamous Swim as day to day clothing”. 

Gemma herself wears Infamous Swim when she can, “it can be worn to run around after kids, lounging in the sun or with shorts for a barbeque”. Gemma’s favourite piece, the Candice 2.0, is a one piece that provides support, covers side boob whilst having a sexy low back. This lets her feel confident, stylish and supported, even when she’s out of the water.          

Infamous Swim’s message is clear: all you need to feel comfortable and confident at the beach is the right swimwear. 

Woman wearing Infamous Swim swimwear
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