Five minutes with Sally Fitzgibbons

Fresh from her Fiji Women’s World Pro triumph, surfing champ and vivacious beauty Sally Fitzgibbons talks health, skincare and why she wants other women to #LiveLikeSally.

Sally Fitzgibbons is a surfing pro inspiring other women.

On coming home to Australia…

When you’re away or far from home all you want to do is get back and feel nurtured. It’s a special thing to come home to somewhere where you feel loved and are with family.

I relax by…

Finding a calm, peaceful place and watching the sunrise. It’s all about rejuvenating and getting that energy back inside you. Finding a headland, looking out across the water and watching the sunrise is pretty awesome.

On body care…

We’re up against the elements and it (hair, body and skin) gets absolutely wrecked in the sport of surfing but we’ve also got some pretty great natural (beauty enriching) elements with the salt and the sun. It’s all about keeping that moisture in your skin and your hair and using quality sunscreens. Putting them on before going into the sun and making sure you cleanse your face well afterwards.

On collaborating with Piping Hot…

It’s an expression of my passions. I hope the girls will really love the new wetsuit design and bikini range with the new colours. I’m aiming for edgy, modern beachwear.

On the surfing tour…

There’s great camaraderie on the tour. All the girls want to win the world title so bad, the performance level of the sport is continually elevating itself. Everyone’s quite young and tenacious and hungry for it and it’s going to serve the sport of surfing really well in the future.

For more of Sally’s surfing and lifestyle tips, you can pick up a copy of her new book Live Like Sally or follow her on social media. Instagram/Twitter @Sally_Fitz

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