10 Things to Change Your Life For The Better

10 Things to change your life for the better

There are many things that can be done to change your life for the better.

It might not feel like it’s possible right now, there is always something you can do to help propel yourself forwards.

We often put our eyes on big things, but even the smallest of progress can change your life.

Here is a list of 10 small and easy things that can help change your life for the better.

  1. Reading books
10 thing to change your life reading
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Whether you’re reading a non-fiction memoir, or a fiction romance novel, reading books can help improve your focus, memory, and communication skills.

Reading also offers a calming time to get away from stressful days and troubles. Reading has been proven to reduce stress, alleviate depression and increase empathy.

Head to your local bookstore and have a chat with the bookkeeper to find what book is best to get started with.

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  • Grow a garden
10 things to change your life - Grow a garden
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Not only is growing a garden a fun time to see all your plants grow day by day, but it also helps you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are planning to cook a vegetable-based dinner, all you must do is go outside to your garden and pick out whatever you need.

Imagine when you wake up and walk outside to see colourful and beautiful flowers and plants. It feels great to be able to contribute to the environment and bettering yourself.

  • Having a water bottle beside your bed
10 things to change your life - water bottle at bed
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We’ve all experienced waking up in the middle of the night craving a bottle of water. A good habit to develop is keeping a water bottle or a glass of water beside your bed before you fall asleep.

Not only does it save a trip through the house to grab some water but taking water before bed has a way of reducing stress levels, and when you wake up, it helps improve your metabolism.

  • Being aware of the news
10 things to change your life - reading the news
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This is a small thing that can change your life for the better. Reading or watching the news can create awareness about what is happening around you.

Indulging in social media, written and mainstream news can keep you informed about new jobs, places not to visit, and casual information to bring up in a conversation with friends and family.

10 things to change your life - exercise daily
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Exercising can be hard if you lack the motivation; we all relate. It simply starts with just going for daily walks, by yourself, with a friend or even with your dog.

Exercising daily promotes a better sleep pattern and boosts energy. It doesn’t have to be difficult; rather, it should be fun and social. It gives you a chance to unwind, enjoy the outdoors and engage in activities that make you happy. 

  • Spending time outside
10 things to change your life - being outside

Getting a breath of fresh air is one of the few life-changing steps in improving your life. Yes, it’s enjoyable and boosts vitamin D, but there are many other benefits that can change your life in the long run.

Spending time outside, whether it’s to read a book, have a picnic with friends or go for a walk, being in nature chases away the blues. Anxiety and depression are eased by spending time outside.

  • Journaling everyday
10 things to change your life - journaling
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Journaling is not only fun and gives an opportunity for you to be creative, it also evokes mindfulness and helps you remain present. Journaling doesn’t have to be writing a story or a lot of work; it can just be a retelling of your day’s events or even affirmations and manifestations you want to fulfil.

There are many benefits to journaling including strengthening emotional functions, boots mood, helping figure out the next step and encouraging space for negative thoughts. It all starts with just writing a single line.

  • Create a manifestation board
10 ways to change your life - manifestation board

A manifestation board is an important step towards growth. Be creative and have fun with it. That’ll help with figuring out your goals, and motivation, and you’ll be able to destress while reminding yourself of whether you want to be. 

It’s simple. Hop onto Pinterest and gather images, quotes and affirmations that go towards what you wish to manifest and pin them on a board to create a collage.

Here is our story for all the manifesting secrets you need to know.

  • Tackle one thing you’ve been putting off
10 things to change your life
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Tackle that one thing you’ve been putting off for a while. Procrastination can really get a hold of us, but if you start getting into the habit of doing what you need to, it can be especially helpful.

Psychologists call it self-sabotage. Just imagine the relief once you complete that task. Start your week right and after reading this, do that one thing you’ve been dreading doing. It’ll be worth it.

  1. Make a bucket list
10 things to change your life - make a bucket list
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Open your mind to new opportunities. It’s time to do what you want to do, face your fears, and have fun. Make a list of new adventures, a sport or instrument you’ve been wanting to try or even a new book you want to read.

If you already have that list, try, and find one thing on that list that you can accomplish today. Or even if your list includes an exotic adventure, start planning and go. 

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