The Most Elite Dating App Ever. Get It Now.

A hot new dating app, The League is said to be the most elite dating app ever.
A new dating app about to hit Australia promises to match you with you with your intellectual equal.

Fresh from the US, The League founder claims it ensures you meet people who are your intellectual equal, and that with this new app, you will date “intelligently”.

Bondi Beauty’s Georgia Brown talks to Amanda Bradford, founder of The League.

Determined to differ from the numerous dating apps already on the market, The League, whose tagline is “Date Intelligently,” uses a strict selection process to curate a community of ambitious high-achievers, looking to meet their intellectual match.

The League dating app isn’t concerned about finding dates for those who can’t otherwise find them. In fact, it is quite the opposite. “You’re smart, busy and ambitious,” the website reads. “You don’t need a dating app to get a date – you’re too popular as it is. But why not spend your time a little more… intelligently?”

The exclusive app has a very tight number of users active at any one time, hence the long waitlist of potentials. The League Founder Amanda Bradford likens the member selection process to that of a college acceptance committee’s. “We have an internal system that shortlists groups of users based on a variety of factors, including degree, education institution, professional title industry, number of referrals [from other approved members], and, finally, the number of users inside that fit their preferences. We then have a team of specialists that review profile photos and selects the draft for that day or week.”

Though often described as an elitist dating app, Bradford states that The League “is not an Ivy League only app,” meaning you won’t necessarily be judged on which university you graduated from. She reiterates that “it’s less about which college you went to and more about having a strong overall bio that validates that you are ambitious, high-achieving, and intelligent.”

Amanda Bradford believes online dating is about “opening yourself up to the opportunity to find love, friendship, and partnership.” She says the beauty of the app, The League, is that it “introduces people to great, new people they would likely never run into in real life in a way that feels fun, safe, and classy.”

With huge success and popularity in San Francisco and New York City in the United States since it’s launch in January – including two confirmed engagements – The League is gearing up to launch internationally in the not too distant future. “After London, Sydney is the next highest on our international roadmap,” says Bradford. “Sydney has a high number of educated, ambitious professionals plus from the emails we’ve received, it’s clear people there possess the same desire to date other high-achievers.”

When asked what advice she would give to users of dating apps seeking love, Bradford says “think of dating as a chance to understand ourselves better and not take things so seriously. Have fun with it, meet new people, and don’t get too crushed if someone flakes or doesn’t respond. We all do it, and it happens to all of us, so take it all in stride.”

Download the app – The League – from the app store today, to secure your spot on the Sydney waitlist.

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