How to Make a Vision Board that Will Change Your Life

Oprah, Ellen, Beyonce and Katy Perry claim to have made their dreams come true using vision boards- why not try it for yourself?

Want to find the man of your dreams, make more money or create a better self-image? Some people swear by the power of visualisation to transform their life for the better.

Whilst the science on the effectiveness of vision boards is inconclusive, visualisation in sports is rife becoming not only a standard but a widespread technique employed by athletes and teams according to research by Psychologist Richard Suinn.

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A vision board is a collection of images and words that remind you of your goals on a daily basis. Creating and displaying a vision board somewhere that you will regularly see it is one of the easiest ways to visualise your goals.

This daily reminder has been said to subconsciously help people move towards and achieve their goals as it causes the person to home in on what they want.

Canadian Existential Therapist and Life Coach Sara Kuburic thinks, “vision boards can be great to set intentions and to set very clear goals.” However, she supports that the individual must do the hard work. “A vision board in itself is not going to do much, it’s like the compass, but then the dedication and the hard work has to kick in.” In other words, it motivates but it doesn’t provide success in and of itself.

Sara thinks that for some, visions boards can be motivational however for others it may be overwhelming. She says “Some people get so caught up in what they have to do that they forget to celebrate all that they have already done.”

Success looks different to everyone and thinking carefully about what you want is imperative when it comes to making your vision board. Focus on what your dream life would look like and as cliché as it may sound, follow your heart- this will lead you to what you want. Think about why you want these things and if they will really make you happy.

Allow yourself to revaluate what you want over time and change your vision board accordingly. 

Including past successes on your vision board can motivate you by reminding you what you have already achieved, propelling you to more success. Looking at your vision board should create a sense of excitement as you see what can be.

Remember not to trade your vision board in for hard work and work towards success every day.

Sarah Oughtred

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