4 of the Best Pet Meal Delivery Services

Meals for pets are now being offered through delivery services to optimise convenience and deliver a well-balanced diet for your dog or cat.

Food delivery services have worked brilliantly during the pandemic to alleviate the stress of creating fast, tasty and healthy dinner options.

Pet owners can now make use of the same types of services people have enjoyed to save time, effort and in some cases, money.

Here are four pet food delivery services based in Sydney:

Raw and Fresh

Meal Starter Packs (Includes 6 meals) start at: RRP $18.00

Raw and Fresh, launched in 2015 by Adam Guest, delivers meals for cats and dogs either once a week, fortnightly or monthly. The food is all raw, which means a variety of protein sources is on offer. Meal planners create further convenience, customized by weight, pet type and preferred protein choice to optimise your pet’s diet. Currently delivering to NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT.

Mad Paws Dinner Bowl

Prices from: RRP $1.68 a day

Founded in Sydney by a pet sitting company six years ago, Mad Paws Dinner Bowl have ventured into food delivery services just for dogs. In leaving behind the processed choices of supermarkets, food is fresh, raw and high-protein. A certified pet nutritionist approves all meals, providing peace of mind to your dog’s health. Dinner Bowl even says that in making the switch to raw meals, your pet’s appetite will decrease through greater food satisfaction.


Full bowl prices start at: RRP $2.80 per day

Sydney based, Lyka takes customer choice seriously, with a feature to build your own box – delivering 8 weeks worth of food. In identifying your pet’s needs and wants, it is a fully bespoke delivery service. Lyka offers the choice of a full bowl or half bowl. A half bowl requires the pet food to be mixed with other options. Importantly, there is an option of a starter box to determine whether your furry friend gives the tick of approval before you sign up.


Prices for small dogs: RRP $7.48 a week

Bezzie says they create “dog food that rivals your own food”. In making seriously tasty dog food, there are options of cooked vegetables with raw protein as well as the choice of grain-free kibble. Cooking the food at low temperatures retains the nutrients. While listing all ingredients used in the recipes provides full transparency. Try out the first box with 40% off to see how your pet finds it.

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