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Why you should get under someone to get over someone else.

The debate over ‘the rebound’ is a question that has plagued both men and women since the world’s first break up. Everyone has an opinion on whether rebounds are a healthy way to get over a past relationship. Is it really a valid coping mechanism? Will it bring more harm than good? How soon is […]

Would You Trust an App for Your Contraception?

While the promise of non-hormonal birth control can be alluring, are app-based contraceptives trustworthy? From the pill, to condoms, to the rod, there are no shortage of contraceptives on the market. But often, they come with hormonal side effects, such as weight gain, mood swings, and breakouts, that can leave many feeling less than amazing. […]

OMG! Sex makes you smarter

A legitimate study has shown sex really does make you smarter. In a world where news is always bad, this will surely brighten your day. Researchers have been linking sex to our intellect for a while now, and it seems a new study has further cemented the theory that getting down and dirty can actually make […]