How to Reboot Your Metabolism

Tiffany Hall, founder of, shares her best tips on how to improve your metabolism and get your body burning maximum calories.

Metabolism is one of those terms we hear a lot about. Your metabolism exists to convert food into energy in order to keep your heart beating, your legs moving and your brain ticking. The faster your metabolism, the more calories burnt.

While genetics does play a role with your metabolism, the way you treat it can tell it to slow down or speed up, and there is no tricking it either. But why can our metabolism change?

Sometimes as our fitness levels increase, our bodies become more efficient at burning energy during exercise and they’re no longer as challenged as they were before. Plus getting older, eating too much or too little, hormones and chronic stresses can wreak havoc on our metabolism. Its really important for your diet and workouts to vary from week to week so that you are constantly challenging your metabolism.

When you reward your body with what it needs, it will in turn provide you with the long term results you’re aiming for. Focusing on a varied exercise routine, a nutritious, protein and fibre packed diet, ways to destress (all of this can be found on just to let you know) and lots of water will help reset and boost your metabolism.  Read on for some other tips to get that metabolism rebooted:

Eat more protein
It’s time to bump up your protein intake, especially around breakfast time. Protein at breakfast helps your muscles to recover from the previous day’s exercise, improving muscle function and metabolism. Protein also helps control your appetite and keeps fat burning hormones regulated. Aiming to eat 20g of protein at breakfast via eggs, beans, fish or natural yogurt will keep you feel full for longer and be more satisfied.

Get your shine on
When it comes to your shine time, efficiency is the key. It’s not about spending 5 hours on the treadmill, it’s about using as many different muscles as you can. Incorporating muscle building workouts will help rev your metabolism up.  TIFFXO includes a mixture of HIIT, Tone and Flow sessions to make sure you’re moving your body the right way for the right amount of time. Workouts that use several large muscle groups will bring you the most benefit when you want to target your metabolism.

Yep, another reason why it’s so important to get your 8 hours of sleep a night. Your body repairs itself as you sleep and if you don’t get enough sleep you can kick ghrelin (the hunger hormone) into action, making you reach for the cookie jar.

Get spicy
Get exotic in the kitchen and start embracing spices with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits. Spices like turmeric, cayenne, ginger, cumin and cinnamon will help spur your metabolism into gear, and they’re delicious flavours to cook with too!

Drink more water
Turns out most people aren’t drinking nearly enough water as they need to be, slowing down health and weight loss benefits. And drinking more water translates to increasing your daily energy expenditure, as well as more energised muscles, clearer skin and less fatigue. Water stands in as a natural appetite suppressant when we’re dehydrated by confusing thirst with hunger.


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Tiffiny Hall

Tiffiny Hall is the founder of, an author, expert trainer, journalist and television personality, best known for her role as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, which earned her a Logie nomination for Most Popular New Female Talent.  Currently the resident Health Expert on Channel Ten’s program The Living Room, Tiffiny Hall is one of the highest qualified female martial artists in the world for her age. She is a Sixth Dan Black Belt Master Instructor, a qualified personal trainer with a Diploma of Sports Coaching, specialising in martial arts. Tiff is passionate about creative writing and has published four novels with her next Young Adult novel set for release in 2018. She has written four health books and a cookbook.

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