Gretel Scarlett on how to look hot on stage and off.

Ever wanted the long, lean and toned body of a dancer?

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Gretel Scarlett doesn’t drink or eat meat, and is committed to a strict exercise routine.

Bondi Beauty talks to Gretel Scarlett, who stars as Sandy in the musical production Grease, about how she keeps in shape and stays on top of her fitness.

Forget swimming laps and running kilometres, the backstage and rehearsal process of a musical production is as intense as any marathon training. “Usually there is a 4-6 week rehearsal process, 6 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm, to get most musicals up on their feet,” says Scarlett.

This includes vocal warm ups, that activate the core, as well as show length rehearsals that give your whole body an intense workout.

“Getting show fit is different for everyone,” says Scarlett who prefers classes of yoga, pilates and ballet to the gym.

Rehearsals will begin with the most intense vocal and dance segments of the show, she explains, “that is usually when people discover what they need to do outside of the show to keep physically and mentally on top.”

For Scarlett, this includes having a balanced and healthy lifestyle. “I live by mind, body and soul,” she says, this means listening to every aspect of her life and body to achieve her good health and level of fitness.

While others may hit the gym every day to prepare for show season, Scarlett tells us she “hasn’t been to a gym for 11 years.” Instead, she listens to her body and prefers to exercise where her “mind likes to be.”

She says, “I’m more of a yoga, pilates or ballet class girl, if I’m not feeling too tired!”

Diet is also an important part of the lead actress’ health. She explains that to balance her exercise choices, she eats “extremely well.” Being a vegetarian and giving up alcohol, Scarlett’s diet includes a variety of nuts, fruits, eggs, veggies, dairy, tofu, pasta, natural sugars, smoothies, agave and “all that healthy stuff,” she says.

“I make sure I eat 3 decent meals a day and snacks in between and during the shows. If I don’t get my food, I get h-angry!”

After a grueling day, spending some quality down time is important to Scarlett. “The show keeps me very fit with the big 15 minute finale sequence, so I don’t train outside of it.”

On her days off Scarlett focuses on herself, “It’s my pamper day,” she says. Indulging in reflexology, a massage or a little shopping Scarlett is conscious about resting her body. “I believe if the mind is happy, the body listens and follows suit.”

Catch Scarlett on stage making singing, dancing and acting all at once look easy. Grease is performing nation-wide, tickets available at

By BB intern Dominique Tait.

What tricks do you incorporate into your lifestyle to get on top of your health and fitness?

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