Ways to Reinvigorate your winter Fitness Regime

It’s winter and it’s getting cold and dark outside. It’s the perfect time of year to start looking for new ways to exercise that don’t involve being outside.

Indoor fitness classes in winter can inject new life into your fitness routine.

Reinvigorate your exercise regime and try something new at the same time. Learning new skills isn’t just good for your physical health, it’s also great for your mind.

1. Yoga
Most yoga classes take place indoors, far away from the cold and rain. It’s a great way to relax before or after a long day and to stretch out all  tense muscles created by sitting hunched over a desk.

Beginning or ending your day with a yoga class will leave you feeling centred and calm and will help your flexibility and mobility. On extra cold days, try delving into the world of Hot Yoga and immerse yourself in tropical warmth while it pours with rain outside.

2. Fitness Classes
All good gyms offer fitness classes and these are the best ways to try something new. Fitness First,  has recently revamped their group fitness program and is providing some great classes aimed at a holistic approach to exercise. From gymnastics strength training, MMA, to their new Barre Studio, which is inspired by ballet, Pilates, and dance, they have something to suit everyone.

F45 is a relatively new indoor training concept that also offers a new, fast way to get fit inside. These group classes focus on increasing the types of movement found in each activity and both cardio and strengthening exercises, increasing the all-round benefits.

3. Indoor Sports
There are plenty of indoor sports leagues in Sydney, with teams for everyone from amateurs to experienced players. Why not pick up basketball or soccer this winter and meet new people while doing it.

There’s nothing more likely to get you motivated on a cold day than knowing your teammates are counting on you.

4. Cycle Classes (Spin)
Cycling in the dark when it’s raining can actually be dangerous, so consider hanging up your helmet this winter and trying out the cycle classes  – or spin –  available at most gyms. The group atmosphere will help keep you focused and encourage you to push yourself harder. It’s easier to get up and going knowing that you won’t have to deal with cars on slippery roads as well.
What are your go-to winter exercise techniques?

By Alex Bodnaruk

Ally Bodnaruk

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