The Guilt-Free Ice Cream Everyone Is Talking About

No, you’re not dreaming. Guilt-free ice cream has arrived in Sydney and its got everyone talking.

If you are a committed ice cream fan, you may have already heard of Halo Top and all its glory. Launched in Los Angeles in 2012, the 2-billion-dollar company has made its name, rewriting ice-cream history using a healthy new recipe.

Halo Top has no artificial sweeteners or softeners and no corn syrup. It is one of the healthiest ice creams you can find. The range of low-calorie, low-sugar and high-protein products, maintain ice-cream’s spectacular, creamy taste.

Having only reached Aussie shelves in 2016, Halo Top is reportedly one of the country’s best selling supermarket ice creams. The BB team road tested this revolutionary product, and rest assured – it did not disappoint.

You will notice that Halo Top freezes harder than regular ice cream, and that is a good thing. Sugar, fat and softener is what generally keeps traditional ice cream soft and creamy. Halo Top has no artificial softener and a low sugar and fat content. For this reason, giving it a few minutes on the counter before eating is crucial if you want a soft, creamy scoop.

So if Halo Top ice cream is still sweet and delicious like regular ice cream, where does all the sugar go?

Halo Top substitutes sugar with organic stevia, a multi-purpose natural sweetener which has been used in food and beverages for thousands of years. Not only is stevia calorie free, but it has no glycaemic impact making it perfect for managing blood sugar levels. Halo Top also uses Erythritol, prebiotic fibre and air as prime ingredients replacing ice cream’s usual sugar, calories and fat. This enables Halo Top to cut the nasty stuff, without compromising ice cream’s delicious taste.

It is every dieter’s dream to consume a whole tub of ice cream and feel no remorse. Halo Top understands this, providing its ice cream in 15 different flavours and half the kilojoules. A pint of Halo Top ranges between 240 to 360 calories. One single serving of traditional ice cream equates to approximately one entire pint of Halo Top. A dream come true for many ice cream fans.

The Australian flavours include vanilla bean, chocolate, strawberry, lemon cake, mint chip, peanut butter cup, sea salt caramel, birthday cake, s’mores, chocolate almond crunch, chocolate chip cookies dough, candy bar, dairy free chocolate and dairy free caramel macchiato.

At $10 a pint, Halo Top may be a slightly heftier price, however it represents years of research and development in food technology. Australian Halo Top CEO, Mez Jamali, believes “everyone loves ice cream but before Halo Top they weren’t able to incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle without feeling a little guilty.”

Turning something naughty into something nice, Halo Top is paving the way for a healthier approach to cheat eating. Although it’s no vegetable, this ice cream provides a delicious and guilt-free alternative for a sweet fix.

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