How a holistic approach to your health could change your life.

Bondi Beauty talks to an expert psychologist and chiropractor who explains holistic health and how it’s changing lives.

Take a holistic approach and feel clam, healthy and strong within your entire being.

Living a holistic lifestyle is about being mindful of our own bodies. That includes our emotions, thoughts, actions, diets, muscles, organs, and relationships – the whole package.

Once we are able to grasp this concept, psychologist and chiropractor Aaron Roughan from Optimum Health Essentials in Sydney believes you will start to “feel better, express life better, be more authentic and live life the way it’s been designed to live”, because really, living holistically is just living how we were intended to.

In the last 5-10 years there’s been a change in the way health is viewed. From organic paleo diets to soy chai lattes to meditation and bikram yoga, people are seeking better, healthier futures.

Aaron describes holistic health as the “philosophy of looking at the body as a vitalistic model” as opposed to traditional medicine which has a mechanistic approach to health.

“Vitalistic is about mind body spirit” he explains, where as traditional medicine looks at the body in separate parts. Traditional doctors specialize in very specific areas for example a pediatrician will focus on feet but not the spine and “because they are all focuses on their own areas they don’t necessarily see how everything interrelates”.

Aaron believes the increase in interest in health and fitness this is because we are simply searching for a better quality of life, “people are fed up with this void of discomfort and realizing that in order to have a better quality of life they need to look after their mind and their body”.

Living a holistic lifestyle may seem daunting but Aaron explained it’s easy to incorporate a holistic mentality into your life.

Rest and Digest

When you sit down to eat a meal, be relaxed. Be calm and let your digestive system get ready to go to work. Too often we eat on the run and while this may be super convenient it’s not good for our digestion.

Breathing exercises

Whether its 5 or 10 minutes of meditation, deep breathing exercises before bed or guided relaxation, breathing is an important factor for a functioning mind and body.

Be kind to yourself

Knowing when to listen to your body is important for your health and well-being. We hear a lot about being discipline, getting to the gym early before starting our busy day and keeping motivated but sometimes what we really need is to stop and listen to what our bodies are telling us.

 “Its going back to the way humans are meant to eat, move and think”.

For more information on holistic health or to talk to a practitioner contact Optimum Health Essentials

By BB Intern Lauren Walker



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