Reflexology can heal your past – here are 5 other revelations about it.

Reflexology has a host of holistic benefits you may not even know about.

Reflexology has multiple health benefits, including stress relief and relaxation.

Expert Sydney reflexologist Hannah Hemphenstall explains.

1 Cleanses Your Colon

As a Bondi Beauty fan you know all about the benefits of fasting and juicing, but did you know reflexology can help cleanse the bowel and rid the body of toxic build up? Gravity draws toxins into the feet, which can pool there if you don’t get rid of them. By working on the feet it’s possible to break down toxic deposits so your body can flush them out.

2 It’s So Relaxing

Almost every client that walks through my door lists stress or anxiety as a symptom; and relaxation as their aim. Reflexology is proven to aid with relaxation, but I don’t need science to prove what I see every week. After guiding my clients through a short meditation, it’s rarely long before they drift off into a blissed out state.

3 Detoxifies Your Organs

Massage is a great way to gain muscular relief, but what you’ll get from reflexology is the ability to work on your internal organs. According to Chinese medicine every organ has a related emotion. The liver: anger, the gallbladder: resentment, the stomach: overthinking, and so on. As well as a physical healing, reflexology provides a way to balance the organs and harmonise the emotions. It’s so much more than a foot massage.


4 Relaxes Your Back

If your back or hips are aching reflexology can help. By working along the spine and hip/sciatic reflexes you’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed your back can feel. I’ve had clients say they could sense tingles going all the way up their spine while I was working along the inner arch of their foot – the spine reflex! Truly, my clients are so much more in touch with their bodies than they realise…

5 Heals Your Past

The metamorphic technique is a way of clearing cellular memory that was imprinted in your body before you were born. Reflex points on the inner arches of the feet correspond to the journey of your birth from conception (top of big toe), to labour (heel). The first time I received the metamorphic technique I released emotional trauma from a car accident my mum was in a few weeks before I was born. Believe me, this is powerful stuff.

6 Makes You Feel Loved

Wouldn’t you love every millimetre of your toes, the ball of your foot, the arches, the sole and even the tops of your feet to be lovingly massaged for a whole hour? If you’re lucky enough to have a partner that does that then let me know if he has a brother. Otherwise, I’m available every Tuesday and I’m just a stone’s throw away in Bondi Junction. I guarantee you’ll love it!

To book a reflexology session with Hannah, visit her website Her clinic is in the heart of Bondi Junction and she’s open every Tuesday from 10am to 8pm.

Sessions  include a guided meditation, reflexology and a cleansing aromatherapy foot wash. Health fund rebates apply.

What do you love about reflexology?

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