Aussie Chocolatier Launches Brand in London



Melbourne-based chocolatier Pana Barbounis takes his $5 million raw chocolate company Pana Chocolate to London.

After his first taste of raw chocolate, Melbourne chocolatier Pana Barbounis embarked on his journey to better understand the process of raw chocolate and discover how he could make it into something of his own.

Being vegan and already having a passion for organic produce, sustainability and a penchant for artisanal crafts, Barbounis set out to create a quality product suitable for people with various dietary requirements, choices and allergies.

“Everyone loves chocolate and 20 years ago, finding raw chocolate was hard. I found there was no great tasting chocolate that could be enjoyed by everyone.”

He developed and worked on his product for 6 months, after spending some time training with traditional chocolatiers in the UK and Belgium. And although his product is raw, he learnt a lot about the ingredients and process behind chocolate in his training.

“Chocolate should be for everyone. As our chocolate is raw, organic, vegan, low GI and free from gluten, soy and refined sugar, we are able to provide that chocolate to anyone really.”

Made from hand-picked cacaos in Bolivia, coconut from the Philippines, cold pressed cacao butter from Peru, wild carob grown in Spain and organic cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Australia’s Pana Chocolate is handmade and hand wrapped to ensure you really feel the love every time you unwrap a bar.

Pana Chocolate is now being sold to over 3000 stockists across the globe, with 1900 in Australia, 281 in the UK, 71 in London.

When it comes to his ambitions, the 41-year old entrepreneur knows what he wants.

To make his raw chocolate empire Pana Chocolate into the world’s numbers one raw chocolate company by 2017. Barbounis now has his sights set on the USA.

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