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Aussie Chocolatier Launches Brand in London

Melbourne-based chocolatier Pana Barbounis takes his $5 million raw chocolate company Pana Chocolate to London. After his first taste of raw chocolate, Melbourne chocolatier Pana Barbounis embarked on his journey to better understand the process of raw chocolate and discover how he could make it into something of his own. Being vegan and already having […]

The raw diet explained

Many health fanatics claim raw is better. A kind of advanced Paleo, it is welcomed by many with food allergies and conditions. Bondi Beauty’s Lucy Bortolazzo, breaks it down: Raw Foodism We are told time and time again that the more wholesome our diet is, the more nutritious and beneficial it will be for our […]

The Paleo Diet – is it for you?

The Paleo Diet is taking the world by storm. Bondi Beauty spoke to Sydney health blogger Lori Harito to find out why celebrities Megan Fox and Jessica Beil swear by it. The Paleo diet is a modern take on an ancient diet from the Paleolithic era that quite literally consists of nuts, seeds, leaf greens, meat, […]

Sugar Substitutes you can lean on to curb your cravings.

 From natural “chemical” substitutes to fruit and powders, there are alternatives you can use to kick the habit and curb your sugar cravings. There has been so much press about kicking sugar out of your diet, but for most it’s easier said than done. One of the biggest challenges is artificial sweeteners are not the […]