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Build Your Own Beauty: The Rise of Customisable Beauty Products

The future of beauty products is all about the customisable beauty trend, with products tailored to an individual’s own needs. Skin can be incredibly sensitive, and what may work for one individual may have the opposite effects for another. Additionally, finding the right products for skin type is no easy feat. As many as nine […]

Autumn Beauty Trends 2019

Autumn is well and truly underway, and it has brought an abundance of beauty trends and gorgeous new makeup products. These are Bondi Beauty’s top 3 beauty trends to look out for this season and the best products to conquer the look. Trend #1: Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer It’s all about glitters and metallics this autumn […]

DIY Activated Charcoal In Your Beauty Routine

Activated Charcoal is known to work wonders for your insides, but it can also work magic in your beauty routine. Here are 4 ways to add activated Charcoal to your beauty routine. Activated Charcoal can work wonders for your hair and skin, acting as a deep cleanser and purifier. You can buy  ready-made charcoal products, […]

Social Events: Here’s What The BB Team Got Up To In February

2018 has already seen the release of so many exciting beauty trends, and it seems the trends just keep on coming. The BB team were honored to be invited to so many great events in February, where everything from new brands, to household brands showcased some amazing, new and exciting products heading your way. Here’s […]

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