How To Maintain Healthy Teeth During Lockdown

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If you’re overdue for a visit to the dentist or are looking for new ways to maintain healthy teeth during self-isolation, there are plenty of ways outside of brushing and flossing teeth to keep that smile bright and healthy.

With Covid-19 restrictions being placed on businesses left, right and center, it is hard to keep up with what is and isn’t classified as an essential service. Especially when you want healthy teeth.

The Australian government confirmed in March that a visit to the dentist is only permitted in the event of an emergency, meaning at-home oral care is more important now than ever.

Tabitha Acret, dental hygienist and clinical educator at Airflow Dental Spa, classifies a dental emergency as the following:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding from your mouth
  • Overwhelming and painful swelling in the mouth, face or neck 
  • Excruciating pain in the tooth or jawbone 
  • Pus developing in the tooth or gums 
  • A broken or knocked-out tooth. 

If you have one of the above, it is absolutely necessary to visit your local dentist.

There are also several online dental care services such as Vide Virtual Dental which act as a port of call for information about all oral health emergencies.

For a non-contact teeth-cleaning option, the Airflow Dental Spa has recently produced an EMS Airflow machine that uses high-pressure water and steaming to eliminate oral impurities.

Bondi Beauty Columnist Rebecca Wilkinson was already more than six months overdue for a teeth clean.

So, she tried an ingenious tooth cleansing device at home called the Ultra Water Flosser which has been clinically proven to give you brighter teeth and healthier gums after only the first use.

The Ultra Water Flosser
Looks more like a food mixer, but promises brighter teeth and healthier gums after only the first use.

Here’s what she said about it.

“I have always had issues with my teeth. Small mouth, too many teeth and they are all crammed in together.

When Covid-19 occurred, and I had a dentist appointment coming up, I was stuck.

The Waterpik Water Flosser has been revolutionary in my dental care whilst at home in isolation.

With my teeth incredibly crammed altogether, general flossing can be awkward and often hurts.

The water flosser doesn’t hurt at all, is easy to use and cleans food and any excess bacterium from my gums.
A serious game changer with any home dental hygiene and teeth whitening.

A serious game changer with any home dental hygiene.

There are 6 tips included, so you can share with the family (as long as you don’t get the tips mixed up), and it has a handy storage section to keep everything nice and hygienically clean for regular use.”

Rebecca also trialled two new toothpastes over the past two months.

“The two toothpastes I tried were the Henry Blooms Oral Health Probiotic Toothpaste and the botanical toothpaste Lovebyt Botanical Toothpaste in Peppermint.

Both brands are Australian made too.

Henry Blooms Probiotic Toothpaste was surprisingly comforting to use. Made with Dental-lac ingredients which boost natural month flora, I noticed a slight reduction in gum inflammation; meaning less redness in the gums, something I do regularly get.

I definitely felt my teeth strengthen over the month of using this toothpaste.

Henry Blooms Probiotic Toothpaste
I definitely felt my teeth strengthen over the month of using this toothpaste.

The taste of this toothpaste is minty, but not overpowering like many mainstream toothpaste brands.

The Peppermint Botanical toothpaste by Lovebyt is super minty, but as it’s made using pure botanical ingredients, the mint of this toothpaste is absolutely delicious.

Lovebyt Botanical Toothpaste
The mint of this toothpaste is absolutely delicious.

Made using natural botanical ingredients, I did feel my gums really appreciate the softness of this toothpaste and there was also a slight reduction in redness.

Both toothpastes surely delivered on giving me fresh breath, clean teeth and gums and helped to reduce inflammation of the gums.”

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