Eliminate tired eyes

Six ways to eliminate tired eyes.

The right mascara, skin care and a few simple tricks can keep you looking fresh - even on no sleep.
The right mascara, skin care and a few simple tricks can keep you looking fresh – even on no sleep.

There are three words no woman ever wants to hear:  ‘You look tired.’

Here are six ways to eliminate tired eyes:

  1. Water, water everywhere.

Water is natural, free, accessible and gives instant results inside and out. Water helps renew cells and flush out toxins. A toxin free body is by default going to look fresh and revived. Splash water on your face for an instant boost and drink plenty to stay hydrated.

  1. Get your Beauty Sleep

It seems pretty obvious. To avoid looking tired, sleep more! It’s not always that easy but sleeping is the ‘me’ time your body needs to repair itself and rest for the day ahead.

  1. Oils

Beauty oils are great for all round facial nourishment. They can awaken the skin and infuse suppleness instantly, elasticity and anti-oxidants. Don’t be acrd your skin will be too oily- a few drops on your skin can make a massive difference.

Facial Oils are one of the beauty’s world’s secrets to a fresher face instantly.

Try Jurlique’s skin balancing face oil with macadamia oil and primrose oil to plump, smooth and re-hydrate instantly. RRP$65.00 50ml.  Check out Bondi beauty’s upcoming you tube how-to video all about oils to get up to speed on what they can do and how to make the most out of beauty oils.

  1. Look at your lashes.

Longer lashes can open up the eyes and give them a pop taking away from any darkness around the eyes. Look at lash extensions to really give your face a lift,  use an eyelash curler for a fuss free makeup free method. It will create the illusion that the eyes are more open.

The right mascara can work wonders. Right now we’re loving Revlon’s Grow Luscious Pluming Mascara by Fabulash as it has a huge brush that instantly opens lashes and wipes away fatigue. RRP$21.95

Revlon’s Grow Luscious Pluming Mascara by Fabulash opens eyes instantly.


  1. Eat Well

It’s to easy to grab a coffee and danish on the go but the first meal of the day could be the secret to a fresher look. Eating protein for breakfast could be the secret to preventing that midday slump.  If you do have coffee, remember it dehydrates skin, so have a water as well.

During your day, tackle tiredness from the inside out by eating foods rich in iron (red meat) magnesium (spinach) and vitamin C (citrus fruits and berries)

6 Pinch Your cheeks

It’s a simple time-tested method – pink both cheeks when cleansing your face in the morning and night and they will go red and your face will be flushed with blood and look fresh.

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